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In our latest blog, Marion Gerald Mangalindan, tells us about his experience of undertaking the FNF  Windrush Nurses and Midwives Leadership Programme, and the impact it has had on him both personally and professionally. Marion has 14 years experience as a nurse, working in the Philippines for 8 years, then moving to the UK in 2017 to continue working at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Why did you decide to join Windrush Nurses and Midwives Leadership Programme?  

“As a nurse, I believe that I am in a good position to make a difference every day in every way.  During the pandemic, I realised that nurses have emerged as leaders. I applied for this programme because I knew that this programme would enable me to develop my skills as a nurse leader. This realisation came strongly when I got stranded in the Philippines at the peak of the pandemic. Knowing the situation, I stepped up and gathered all nurses who were in the same situation. Hence, forming a group to be our support system. Such experience motivated me to work on my leadership potential to be a transformational leader that inspires people and lead by example and genuine service.”

What was the highlight of Windrush Nurses and Midwives Leadership Programme?  

“Every session was worthwhile and left a mark in my heart as a nurse and aspiring leader. In 2021, this programme was done virtually. However, this has not hindered my interest in the programme despite the pressure COVID has brought about that time. The session on leadership energies was particularly helpful for me to learn where to focus on as an aspiring nurse leader. Likewise my awareness in relation to my authority, presence and impact are vital in leadership. One of the most unforgettable highlights was the Commemorative Service for Florence Nightingale in May. Just being there with all the other nurses was amazing. This gave me the opportunity to reflect and meet other FNF Alumni.”

“Be a transformational leader that inspires people and lead by example and genuine service.”

How has being on the Windrush Nurses and Midwives Leadership Programme impacted your career so far and/or the community around you? 

“The programme developed my confidence in stepping up to the ladder. Back in the Philippines, I have had held various leadership and managerial posts. However, when I got in the UK, I was hesitant because I felt that I did not have the support. However, through the programme and help of my co-alumni, their stories of success and failures boosted my confidence in stepping out my comfort zone. Just recently, I applied for the Deputy Charge Nurse post in our department and successfully got it. During the interview, I highlighted some of the things I have learned during the programme. I shared with them the leadership brand I would want to exude. Likewise, this enabled me to be connected with other nurses and nurse leaders who share my passion, goals and objectives.”

What advice would you give to someone who is considering applying for the next cohort? 

“To the next nurses who will be part of the next cohort, my advice is for you to enjoy and seize every moment. Learning and discovering yourself is a key in your journey. Being open to new learnings is also helpful. I still vividly remember the joy I felt after receiving the email confirming that I was selected in the course. Write down your personal goals, your purpose. Ask yourself Why would you want to be part of the programme? Where do you want to see yourself while and after undertaking the programme. Connect with people. Talk with your friends, your mentors or mentees. Do not be hesitant in submitting your application. The greatest failure is the failure to try. Hence, I am congratulating you in advance, and as an FNF alumnus I commit myself in supporting you to the best of my ability.”

If you would like to find out more about our current Windrush Leadership Programme opportunities, click here. Applications for those working in England close on Friday 20 January and applications for Scotland/Wales and Northern Ireland close on Friday Tuesday 31 January.