Shine a light

Guy Powell and Bertha Matunge

Policy Influence

The independent policy unit within the Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF Academy provides a think tank for strengthening and mobilising the nursing and midwifery contribution to international, national, regional and local health policy agendas and decisions related to workforce. It achieves this by harnessing the intelligence and expertise of the nursing and midwifery FNF alumni and membership network to provide a strong and well-informed voice.

Key Objectives of the Policy Unit

Our Principles

The FNF Academy Policy Unit is uniquely positioned as an independent source of thought leadership that can be utilised by organisations to offer objective and impartial advice or recommendations. We are committed to maintaining this independent position and therefore ensure we do not rely on any individual organisation for ongoing funding. We pledge to work in partnership with other nursing and midwifery policy influencing organisations and individuals where there is a shared commitment to maintaining an independent and objective stance.

If you are interested in working with us to undertake a policy advisory project please email academy@florence-nightigale-foundation.org.uk.

Independent Thought leadership
and Policy Advice

See some examples of the past and current policy influence and thought leadership projects.

Subject Expert Groups

The FNF Policy Unit establish Subject Expert Groups to influence areas of workforce policy that are identified by our members as most significant to them as senior nurses and midwives working in a range of sectors.