Leonie Brown


At FNF we hold events and webinars throughout the year. Some are invitation only, some are exclusive to FNF Academy Members and others are open to all. Please find out more below and scroll down to see the webinars which are open for registrations.


The annual Florence Nightingale Commemoration Service takes place each year at Westminster Abbey. Click the image or click here to find out more.

Each year we welcome our new cohort of FNF Scholars with an event in London. Invitations will be sent to new Scholars by email.


Healthcare is complex, and adapting to its complexity may involve workarounds. Workaround behaviours are a result of a perceived issue with workflow that you circumnavigate and is motivated by the need to help the patient. Join us for this webinar looking at what we can learn from workaround behaviours. This webinar is for FNF Members and Alumni – Find out more and book your place here.

Join us for an insightful 60-minute webinar where we will delve into the transformative power of social media in enhancing your professional brand and fostering leadership development. Led by experts Jess Sainsbury, FNF’s Head of Engagement, and Becky Thomas, Leadership Development Facilitator,. This webinar is for FNF Members and Alumni – find out more and book your place here.

If you are a participant in one of our leadership programmes then information on events related to that can be found in the relevant page on our LMS site.