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Nightingale Frontline

The Nightingale Frontline® Leadership Support Service provides a psychological safe space for staff to explore professional and personal challenges. Our facilitators create a secure and confidential environment for staff of all levels to come together, to decompress and reflect on leadership challenges.

Since the service launched in April 2020, we have supported over 3000  staff members working in all areas of health, social and voluntary care across the UK.

The sessions have remained in high demand over the past year with our evaluations showing staff value accessing a unique and confidential support service independent from their organisation. Attendees have also found significance in working through leadership challenges with peers and learning new approaches to difficult situations during a time of constant change in a calm and supportive environment.

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The Service

Our specially trained facilitators utilise a group coaching model known as co-consulting. Groups of three – six work with one of our trained specialists during a 90 minute – three-hour session. During the session they learn to develop vital leadership skills to support themselves and their colleagues.

Sessions are available remotely for the following groups and run from 8am – 8pm, Monday – Saturday:

How to Access

We update our bookings often so please check regularly for new sessions.

When you book you will be asked to give the name of your Chief Nurses name and your professional registration information. This assists us to ensure appropriate personnel are using the service. The only information sent to your employer is the number of attendees over a period of a calendar month. No identifiable data is sent. This is a confidential service and no additional information is shared with the employer. This includes any issues that are discussed within the sessions.

If your organisation or Trust is interested in accessing the Nightingale Frontline Leadership Support Service, the cost is £5,000 for 30 places. Please email academy@florence-nightigale-foundation.og.uk for more information. The service is also one of the benefits most valued by our Members of the FNF Academy.

Terms and Conditions

Nightingale Frontline Leadership Service Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the service:

  1. The service is charged at £5,000 for blocks of 30 places for nurses and midwives
  2. The service will not be available until the related invoice is paid in full.
  3. Each place entitles one employee of the client (Chief Nurse) to attend a virtual session of the Nightingale Frontline Service.
  4. Whilst the Florence Nightingale Foundation will make every endeavour to provide a variety of sessions at a variety of times no guarantee is made that the individual requirements of clients can necessarily be met.
  5. Once the initial 30 places have been used, if required a further block of 30 must be purchased for a further £5,000 charge.
  6. Places reserved but not used (i.e. DNAs) count against the above allocation unless cancelled more than 48 hours in advance of the session.
  7. Any unused places expire twelve months after the purchase date. This period commences from the 1st of the month in which the service begins.
  8. Spaces allocated to a client via membership of the Florence Nightingale Academy, or any other mechanism, will be treated as used after any purchased directly.

Payment of invoice confirms agreement of these terms and conditions.

"The impact the session had was primarily on my motivation and energy; it came at just the right time to give me a boost and was like an injection of realistic inspiration.

The session was incredibly useful to listen to the challenges that colleagues across the country are facing. The small size of the group was especially appealing to me and I felt that I was able to contribute effectively. The group was very balanced and supportive and the facilitator was reassuringly experienced and sensitive to the people in the group, skilfully drawing out the primary issues and supporting solutions."
Claire Pendlebury
Claire Pendlebury
Teenage Cancer Trust Lead Nurse and Nightingale Frontline® Participant