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FNF Greeting Cards

Partnership with Madeleine Floyd

Purchase some beautiful greeting cards whilst supporting FNF.

©Madeleine Floyd

The Nightingale Image

Madeleine Floyd is a fine artist and illustrator who is well-known for her art.  At the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown she began posting a daily bird watercolour on Instagram.  Feeling in awe of medical staff across the UK, she painted a nightingale with rainbow wings of love, help and hope and a simple message; “When the nightingale sings…please stay in your nest”.  The image was picked up by one of the doctors responsible for setting up the London Nightingale hospital at the O2 and from there the nightingale became a much loved emblem of the medical teams right across the UK.

Madeleine’s nightingale struck a chord with the medics and public alike.  The 02 Arena proudly hang a signed nightingale poster among their hall of rock and roll fame memorabilia to commemorate the NHS as having the longest ever residency of the O2. Every member of staff who served at the Nightingale hospital in London was presented with a print of the image and for many months the artwork was displayed outside the O2 on an enormous digital billboard.  

Madeleine wanted the profits from this image to be donated to charity and it was on the advice of the Head office of the NHS that she was put in touch with FNF and we have remained partners and good friends ever since.

Asked to explain the appeal of her nightingale, Madeleine said, “I think the idea of being taken ‘under someone’s wing’ is deeply comforting and fits very closely with the care and kindness with which our nurses dedicate themselves so bravely on our behalf. One doctor told me he found the image poignant and uplifting at the same time which is perhaps what we have needed to get through this recent years.”

Buy FNF themed greeting cards and support our work

Madeleine’s support of FNF continues and she has recently produced a beautiful set of 5 greeting cards all of which celebrate different aspects of our charity; the rainbow nightingale, Florence Nightingale herself, her lamp, the White Rose scent by Floris and the nurses themselves, as well as our very own Florence Nightingale Foundation Christmas card. 10% of all sales of these cards will go to FNF. 

These can be bought at selected FNF events or online at Madeleine’s website.  We look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

©Madeleine Floyd