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FNF Academy Fellows

Fellowship Overview

In our commitment to providing leadership development opportunities to the many, TeamFNF are pleased to offer a 12-month Fellowship programme to nurses and midwives who are employed at our FNF Academy Member Organisations.

As a new membership benefit, Chief Nurses at FNF Academy Member Organisations are able to nominate one FNF Academy Fellow annually (or one per organisation if you are an Integrated Care System/ Health Board Member).

Unlike our leadership programmes and scholarships, we are not restricting eligibility for FNF Academy Fellow nominations based on banding or length of service. We want to close the gap in professional leadership development opportunities across health and social care settings.

We are actively encouraging Chief Nurses to nominate individuals who have not yet embarked upon an opportunity like this previously.

Our 2023/24 FNF Academy Fellows began their programme in October 2024. Nominations for the 2024/25 Fellows programme will open on 24 June 2024. Details will be emailed to our Academy Member organisations.

Meet our Academy Fellows

We have over 60 FNF Academy Fellows undertaking the 2023/24 programme. Look out for updates from them throughout the year on our website and on social media. You can read some of their blogs below, just click on the links.

Cerina Howells, nurse in the endoscopy department at Swansea Bay University Health Board.

Amanda Jackson, 0-19 Clinical Team Manager working for Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust.

Rattan Gill, midwife on the labour ward at University Hospitals of Leicester, East Midlands.

Chloe Cotter, staff nurse at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. 

Fellowship Outline - 2024/2025 Cohort

Welcome Event (Virtual)

19 September 2024, 11am – 1pm

An orientation and welcome session to the FNF Academy Fellowship. Meet members of #TeamFNF who will be supporting you through your Fellowship and connect with your cohort.  

FNF Academy Members Symposium (Face to Face) **

30 September 2024, all day event 

We know that getting a seat at the table is often a difficult task and are therefore inviting all Fellows to join their Chief Nurse at our annual FNF Academy Members Symposium. This year taking place at Reading Town Hall on Monday 29th September.  

** Travel and any accommodation are not funded. 

Reverse mentoring with your Chief Nurse (Face to Face)

October 2024 

Local senior support and sponsorship is proven to help improve shared decision-making and self-belief. All Chief Nurses will support their Fellows throughout the 12-month fellowship by providing regular reverse mentoring sessions.  


FNF Academy Fellows Community of Practice (Virtual)

7 November 2024, 2-4pm

The community of practice sessions are an opportunity to bring together your combined expertise and passion for your domain and explore best practice possibilities. All our Fellows will be welcome and valued in their contributions regardless of levels of years of experience. The topics we cover will be chosen by you as Fellows so they are always pertinent to the share domain and practice.  

FNF Academy Fellows Learning Event: Leadership Signature (Virtual)

10 December 2024, 1-3pm

In the dynamic and demanding world of healthcare, nursing and midwifery professionals play a pivotal role as leaders, caregivers, and advocates. This session is tailored to empower nurses and midwives by helping them discover their unique leadership styles and embrace authenticity as they navigate the complexities of healthcare leadership.  

FNF Academy Fellows Learning Event: Professional Voice: Building your professional brand using social media (Virtual)

9 January 2025, 11am – 1pm

This interactive workshop is designed to explore the key components of a successful personal brand, understand the significance of networking in career development, and learn techniques to amplify professional voice. Through practical exercises, discussions, and real-world examples, participants will gain insights into building a compelling online and offline presence, creating meaningful connections, and leveraging their unique strengths to stand out in their respective fields. 


FNF Academy Fellows Community of Practice (Virtual)

13 February 2025, 1-3pm


FNF Academy Fellows Learning Event: Authority, power and influence (Virtual)

18 March 2025, 11am – 1pm

Nursing and Midwifery are professions that demand not only clinical expertise but also the ability to lead and influence positive change in healthcare settings. This session is designed to empower nursing and midwifery professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate these critical dynamics effectively. 

FNF Academy Fellows Learning Event: Co-Consulting Masterclass (Virtual)

23 April 2025, 11am – 1pm

Our Nightingale Frontline® service launched in April 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to provide a support service for nurses and midwives across the UK. At that time, our goal was to provide emotional well-being support for all nurses and midwives as they battled the unprecedented demands of the pandemic on a daily basis. We are therefore offering this new Co-consulting Facilitator Masterclass as a core element of the FNF Academy Fellowship. By completing this programme you will develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to go on to facilitate supportive sessions in your own workplace, using a problem solving approach. 


FNF Academy Fellows Learning Event: Navigating the path forward: career progression strategies

7 May 2025, 1-3pm

In this interactive workshop, we will discuss essential strategies, insights, elevate skills and achieve career goals for yourselves and your team. Understand the diverse career paths available for nurses and midwives. Learn how to identify your strengths, interests and values to chart a personalised career trajectory. 


Florence Nightingale Commemoration Service, Westminster Abbey (Face to Face)

12 May 2025 

All FNF Academy Fellows are invited to attend the annual Florence Nightingale Commemoration Service at Westminster Abbey, London.  


FNF Academy Fellows Community of Practice (Virtual)

3 June 2025, 11am – 1pm


Reverse mentoring with your Chief Nurse (Face to Face)

July 2025 


Additional information 

Each Fellow will be expected to author a reflective blog of their Fellowship and document their journey via their preferred social media platform which will enable them to apply their learning to their career development. 

All participants will join the FNF Fellows community and receive on going networking and leadership development opportunities through events, webinars, media engagement and policy thought leadership. 

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in the Fellowship you must: 

  • be a registered nurse or midwife with the NMC.

  • be nominated by your Chief Nurse.

  • be employed at an FNF Academy Member Organisation.

Nomination Process

2024/2025 nominations will open on 24 June and the form will be linked here then.

Nominations must be made by the Chief Nurse of an FNF Academy Member Organisation. 

Chief Nurses are only able to nominate one Fellow per year, unless they have joined FNF Academy Membership on an Integrated Care System/ Health Board Membership in which case they will be able to nominate one Fellow per organisation although limitations apply – please get in touch with the membership team to confirm.

If you have any questions about applying for this programme, please email [email protected]

If you are interested in applying for Academy Membership please click here to find out more.