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Leonie Brown

Online Learning

Florence Nightingale Foundation is committed to creating innovative and engaging online learning. We utilise contemporary e-learning methods to translate the FNF principles of leadership development onto an online platform. This includes high levels of interactivity, clinical narrative and a wide variety of multi-media presentations.

Online learning is enabling us to engage larger groups in our programmes and increase the accessibility of our learning materials. We develop bespoke courses and modules aimed at specific groups of healthcare professionals or to address a defined learning need. These can be stand-alone online programmes or blended learning programmes which allow for core concepts to be introduced online and further developed, discussed and applied in the face to face learning. All online learning is hosted on our customised Learning Management System. This is a secure platform that enables learners to access materials, interact with each other and their facilitators.     

Please see the Demystifying Writing for Publication online module as an example of the innovative nature of our e-learning content and learning methods.

If you are interested in working with us to develop an online module or programme please email academy@florence-nightigale-foundation.org.uk

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"When I am no longer even a memory, just a name, I hope my voice may perpetuate the great work of my life."