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Florence Nightingale Foundation online learning is innovative, engaging and interactive, with meaningful clinical narratives and using a wide variety of multimedia.

Through online learning we reach larger groups and make learning materials and programmes more accessible, with tailored courses and modules aimed at specific groups of healthcare professional or to address a defined learning need.  These can be stand-alone online programmes or blended learning programmes which allow for core concepts to be introduced online and further developed, discussed and applied in the face to face learning.

All online learning is hosted on our customised Learning Management System. This is a secure platform that enables learners to access materials and ongoing support, and to interact with each other and their facilitators.     

We have 98% satisfaction for our online programmes.

Our online programmes and modules offer a breadth of learning interventions to suit every nurse and midwife at all stages of their career. We can offer bespoke commissions for your organisational needs and also topical online modules – available free for our members or at a fee for non-members. Please contact us to discuss options: [email protected]

Our open access online Allyship module is available free for everyone. It is designed to provide key skills on how to be an ally and ensure our workplaces truly are inclusive. Allyship is a lifelong process of building and nurturing supportive relationships with under-represented, marginalised, or discriminated individuals or groups with the aim of advancing inclusion.

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