My experience as an FNF Academy Fellow

“My name is Amanda and I am a 0-19 Clinical Team Manager working for Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust. Please watch my vlog below to find out a little bit more about me and read my blog to hear about what I have been doing with the Florence Nightingale Foundation.

The initial months as a Fellow at Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) Academy have proven to be both dynamic and enriching. Regular mentoring sessions with Steph Lawrence ,our Director of Nursing, have been not only motivating but also fostered a collaborative atmosphere. Here’s a brief overview of my engagement with FNF so far.

My introduction to FNF commenced with the symposium held in September, where I joined Chief Nurses, Alumni, and Academy Fellows in the picturesque setting of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Amidst the anticipation and a touch of nervousness, my concerns disappeared when I struck up a conversation with an FNF alumni member during the train journey. This conversation provided an insightful glimpse into the values and culture of FNF, characterized by inspiration, passion, and friendliness, evident from Greta, the CEO, to fellow attendees like me.

This energizing experience left me motivated and eagerly anticipating the upcoming 12 months

The symposium showcased the extensive work undertaken by FNF both in the UK and globally. Despite not being familiar with FNF before joining as an Academy Fellow, I was impressed by the organization’s achievements and future plans. The day encouraged active participation, urging us to immerse ourselves in the FNF experience and share our insights across various platforms.

I was particularly impressed by FNF’s support for nurses and midwives, as well as their commitment to international initiatives. Engaging in world café discussions on topics like authentic leadership, student support, and global nursing sustainability was invigorating, especially connecting with like-minded clinicians who share my passion for embracing digital technology.

Reflecting on the symposium, meeting fellow Academy Fellows created a palpable sense of excitement, especially when we were announced as the inaugural FNF Academy Fellows asked to stand up and a round of applause followed. This energizing experience left me motivated and eagerly anticipating the upcoming 12 months. Sharing my symposium experience with Steph Lawrence and planning my fellowship within LCH became an eagerly awaited agenda.

The next event took me to a Digital Innovation Hackathon at Capgemini in London, where successful candidates pitched innovations to a diverse audience, including academy fellows, subject matter experts, FNF Alumni, and more. The day unfolded in two parts, providing insights into developing and implementing digital clinical innovations using methodologies such as LEAN. Collaborating with a nurse and a subject matter expert to refine an innovation idea was a highlight, culminating in a presentation to a mock “board meeting.”

The exposure to varied experiences and learning from healthcare settings, including the armed forces, during the hackathon was invaluable. Subsequent engagements, including a three-day FNF Aspiring Digital Leadership Course and Academy Fellow webinars, further expanded my knowledge base.

Looking ahead, I eagerly anticipate shadowing Steph at our Quality Board and LCH Board meetings this month, along with continued engagement in regular sessions with FNF.”

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