Grace Cook

Grace is a qualified Mental Health Nurse. During her career to date she has worked in a variety of settings including a specialist therapeutic unit, acute mental health care and most recently a community mental health team. Up until 2019 Grace also worked with the University of Nottingham as a Research Associate. This opportunity led to Grace being involved in developing and evaluating Resilience Based Clinical Supervision.

In 2019/2020 Grace worked with Health Education England as a RePAIR I.P. Fellow. When the COVID-19 pandemic began Grace ensured that she continued to advocate for staff support, including working with FoNS to develop resources as part of her RePAIR Fellow Role.

Most recently, Grace has joined FoNS as the Resilience Based Clinical Supervision Programme Manager/Lead Facilitator.

Twitter: @gracemcook28

Instagram: @mhnursegrace

What does clinical supervision for nurses mean to you?

I have been lucky enough to have access to clinical supervision since being a student nurse. If it was not for this support, I am unsure whether I would have qualified as a nurse. This experience sparked my passion for clinical supervision.

It is something that I believe all staff that work within the complexity of healthcare should have access to. For me it is about having that safe space to be able to reflect. Nurses work in high pressured environments with many different stressors. It is so important for our health and wellbeing to allow ourselves to take that step back, take a breath and think.

Grace Cook
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