Innovation Hackathon

Do you have an idea to change practice? What would you do differently? The FNF Innovation Special Expert Group (SEG) is organising a Hackathon event to support nurses and midwives to discuss and propel a number of innovative ideas to improve the working environment, clinical practice and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

"But it’s always been done this way!’" - This doesn’t have to be the answer!

Taking place face-to-face on Friday 22 September in central London from 10.30 to 16.30, we are bringing people to discuss in depth and take forward 10 innovative ideas.

At our last Members Symposium our incredible FNF Academy members came up with the idea for an Innovation SEG and a Hackathon – a space where nurses and midwives can pitch ideas and FNF will support them to progress and develop further with a team of experts.  

The ideas are coming from Band 5-7 nurses and midwives, who were selected after a competitive application process.

What is a Hackathon?