New support for International Nursing and Midwifery Associations in the UK

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We are delighted to announce that 18 UK-based International Nursing and Midwifery Associations (INMAs) have been awarded new funding to assist their members with professional support and pastoral care.

Thanks to funding from NHS England, this is the third round of the small grants programme that has been providing support to nurses and midwives newly arrived in England to work for the NHS.

In this 75th anniversary year of the HMT Empire Windrush arriving from the Caribbean, bringing nurses and midwives to work in the newly formed NHS, we thank and celebrate these individuals, and all those who have since arrived in the UK to support the UK’s health and care sectors.

We are proud and privileged to continue to work with the inspiring leaders of these Associations who are passionate about advocacy work and care for their communities.

The INMAs provide a wide range of support for these newly arrived nurses and midwives. From helping understand the NHS systems and registration to finding accommodation to navigating unfamiliar cites and cultures.

In 2020 there were four such Associations, now there are 33 registered groups, collaborating to support and learn from each other.  United under the collective call of #BeSeenBeHeardBeRecognised, the 24,000 nurses and midwives that make up membership of the INMAs will now benefit from additional support in this next round of the grants programme.

The following organisations have been successful in their applications:

  • Alliance of Senior Kerala Nurses
  • Association of South Asian Midwives
  • Association of Zambian Nurses
  • British Arab Nursing and Midwifery
  • British Indian Nurses Association
  • British Sikh Nurses
  • Caribbean Nurses and Midwives Association
  • Filipino Nurses Association
  • Filipino Senior Nurses Alliance  
  • Ghana Nurses Association
  • Hellenic British Midwifery Association
  • Kenyan Nurses and Midwives Association
  • Malawian UK Nurses Association
  • Nigerian Nurses Charitable Association  
  • Pakistani Nurses and Midwives Association
  • Society of African Caribbean Midwives UK- (SoAC)
  • Uganda Nurses and Midwives Association
  • Zimbabwe Midwifery and Nurses Association
"A heartfelt thank you to FNF from all of us for their invaluable support. With the small grants, ASKeN is empowered to offer workshops and webinars for Kerala origin NHS nurses to boost their leadership skills and support their career growth. Part of the funds will be spent on pastoral care resources to connect the new IENs with more experienced senior nurses. Thank you NHS England and FNF for giving us all the support that we wanted as a new INMA. Together we can strive to build a sustainable, diverse and more resilient NHS workforce."
Bejoy Sebastien
General Secretary of Alliance of Senior Kerala Nurses (ASKeN)

You can hear from some recipients of the previous round of grants about how the grant funding supported their members:

You can also read the blog from FNF’s Head of Global, Jeni Caguioa, following the celebration event at the end of the second round of grant funding, attended by Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer for England and Duncan Burton, Deputy Chief Nursing Officer for England. Be Seen Be Heard Be Recognised – Florence Nightingale Foundation (florence-nightingale-foundation.org.uk)

By providing crucial support through a range of activities, the International Nursing and Midwifery Associations are leading initiatives to foster resilience, empower individuals, and cultivate a diverse and thriving healthcare workforce for the future. We are proud to play a part in this.