Investing in nursing and midwifery leaders for global health

Dame Yvonne Moores pictured here with FNF Scholars from around the UK. The scholarships are now going global!

Applications are open for our first ever international group of Global Leadership Scholarships.  

Strong, committed nursing and midwifery leaders at senior and government levels are essential for effective health services. But in many settings these leaders are missing or don’t have the necessary support and development opportunities. 

By providing a unique, quality leadership experience, the Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) Global Leadership Scholarships will provide senior global nurses and midwives with the opportunity to meet the challenges of leading modern workforces and health systems. The successful applicants will become part of a network of global nursing and midwifery leaders, providing them with peer support and leadership development opportunities.  

FNF Global Leadership Scholarships will develop their authentic individual leadership style; learning from a global mentor whilst implementing a project to improve health services where they work.   

The Dame Yvonne Moores Global Leadership Scholarship

As well as offering these scholarships, we are also investing to strengthen global nursing and midwifery leadership ourselves. As part of this, we are delighted to announce that we will be offering the Dame Yvonne Moores Global Leadership Scholarship as the legacy of our outgoing Chair. Dame Yvonne has always been passionate about strengthening nursing and midwifery leadership globally, as well as creating opportunities for those in developing countries.  

“Florence Nightingale Foundation’s new Global Leadership Scholarships are a wonderful opportunity to expand the reach of our renowned leadership programmes to nurses and midwives globally, which will enable them to make an even greater impact on the health and well-being of people they work with.” Dame Yvonne Moores DBE 

The Dame Yvonne Moores Global Leadership Scholarship will fund the scholarship place of a senior nursing or midwifery leader from a low or low-middle income setting; to support them in developing and strengthening the nursing and midwifery voice in their nation. 

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