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Digital Midwifery Fellowships

The Florence Nightingale Foundation has a renowned reputation across the UK for our bespoke leadership scholarship programmes and fellowships. Our programmes are designed to build confidence, authority and influence in our scholars, enabling them to contribute to policy and practice at a local and national level to improve patient care and health outcomes.

FNF is developing digital midwifery leaders who can drive the information and technology transformation of the NHS

Digital Midwifery Fellowships overview

This programme is suitable for those on track to  become senior digital midwifery leaders in the next two years or for those already leading digital change and aspiring to take up systems leadership roles. These fellowships are available to midwives working in England only. To apply, please click ‘apply online’ at the bottom of this page and complete the form.

The Florence Nightingale Foundation is pleased to announce the CMO England, Digital Midwifery Leadership Fellowships. These fellowships are available to midwives who want to lead in the digital transformation of the NHS at a regional and national level.

There are two posts, each one-year duration and offered at Band 8a.

The NHS long-term plan sets an ambitious vision for the future and is dependent on digital technologies and improved use of data to respond to growing demand and provide the best, most efficient care for patients.

Digital technologies and data are enablers for professionalism, support for practice, research, education and leadership. The midwifery profession must now actively take forward digital transformation, allowing women and midwives to benefit from the latest digital systems and technology.

The FNF is developing digital midwifery leaders who can drive the information and technology transformation of the NHS, a key aim to ensure they become the pipeline of aspirant senior midwifery leaders in the NHS.

As part of this fellowship, successful candidates will be seconded to work as part of the national Digital Midwifery team and have the opportunity to work closely with the National Digital Midwife Lead for Maternity and Regional Directors/Heads of Midwifery. This will enable them to gain experience working at national level and be supported to grow their leadership skills.

For advice on writing a successful scholarship application, please watch the below video.

The Digital Fellowships are sponsored by Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent, CMO England. The Fellows will undertake an improvement projects which is aligned to both the CNO’s priorities and the NHSX Tech Plan as it applies to nursing and midwifery. As part of your application you should outline a project you would like to undertake.


We are honoured to have our current and previous scholarships funded by a range of sponsors enabling nurses and midwives to apply from across the UK and Ireland. We look forward to working again with them this year and in the future.

Programme structure

The Digital Fellowship programme includes

Key Dates

Applications open 13 March 2022.

11 February 2022

Applications close

14/15 February 2022


16 February 2022

Applicants invited to interview

21 February 2022


1 April 2022

Successful applicants begin Fellowships

Eligibility criteria

Application process

Information for applying online:

Upon application, you are required to upload the following information:

Please note the following:

Programme Details