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Sandra Charitable Trust Early Career Nurses and Midwives Leadership Programme 2024


The Florence Nightingale Foundation, with the Sandra Charitable Trust, are pleased to offer this programme to early career nurses and midwives.

The aims of the programme are to:

  • Develop leadership identity, capacity, and capability.
  • Influence organisational and patient outcomes at local, systems, national and international level of healthcare delivery.

The learning objectives for the programme are to:

  • Demonstrate enhanced awareness of how personality preferences influence personal effectiveness and performance in teams.
  • Identify and critically appraise opportunities to influence through personal and collective authority.
  • Develop strategies to express self in a manner which communicates presence, enables influence, and has impact.
  • Explore personal resilience and develop tools for staying effective under pressure.
  • Formulate and put into practice plans which contribute to improved outcomes for patients and staff underpinned by evidence and quality improvement methodology.

The programme will be delivered over a six month period.



The programme is fully funded. **However this DOES NOT include travel expenses, which will have to be paid by successful applicants.**


How to apply
  • Click the APPLY HERE box.
  • Select Early Career Leadership Programme SCT from the dropdown.

“It’s special to be on a career journey with people you don’t work with, taking in conversations and ideas. It’s inspiring and this programme definitely helped me break anxiety down. It was in-depth and covered all areas of management and leadership styles that we face so early on in our careers as nurses.” Aishah Khatun, participant in Early Career Leadership Programme, Safer Staffing Lead Nurse, Northern Care Alliance. Read Aishah’s full blog here.


This leadership programme for early career nurses and midwives, has kindly been funded by the Sandra Charitable Trust.

Programme Structure

Day 1 Morning

Personality Preferences and Performance in Teams (Face to face – central London)  

Utilising the psychometric tool, Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) we will explore how personality preference influences personal leadership styles and how awareness can enable the promotion of high performing teams. This offers participants an objective view which increases awareness of bias, styles and preferences.

Day 1 Afternoon

Principles and Practice of Quality Improvement (Face to face – central London)

An introduction to QI including approaches to leading change management and measuring impact. Support to define a QI project which will have impact on patient outcomes or staff well-being.

Day 2

Presentation of Self: Presence & Impact (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts – Face to Face – central London)

Practical approaches to developing confidence and clarity in the delivery of key messages for a range of audiences including the media

Day 3 and Day 4

Stepping into your Authority (Face to face – central London)

Development of leadership attributes which enable influence from ward to board. Specific consideration will be given to exploring their sphere of authority in relation to share governance, systems leadership and leading upwards. This will draw on contemporary leadership theory supporting an authentic and compassionate approach

Day 5

Celebration Event (Face to face – central London)

An opportunity to network, showcase and celebrate the impact of the programme on their clinical leadership journeys and the outcome of their improvement projects.

Additional information

Each participant on the programme will be expected to undertake an improvement project which will enable them to apply their learning to practice.

The top projects will be selected to present at the Celebration Event.

All participants will join the FNF alumni community and receive on going networking and leadership development opportunities through events, webinars, media engagement and policy thought leadership.

Programme Dates

14 August 2023

Applications open

23 October 2023

Applications close

Late Oct/early Nov 2023

Applicants informed of outcome

23 November 2023

Welcome Day (central London)

AM: Personality Preferences and Performance in Teams

PM: Principles and Practice of Quality Improvement

23-25 January 2024

Presentation of Self: Presence & Impact (central London)

Delivered by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA)

One day – you will be allocated one of the above dates

27-28 February 2024

Stepping into your Authority with Hartridge (central London)

An Introduction to Authority and Influence

Two days, residential (bed and breakfast for one night is funded)

29 March 2024

QI Submission

TBC April 2024

Celebration Event (central London)

Eligibility Criteria

  • To participate in the programme you must: 

    • be a registered nurse / midwife with the NMC.

    • be practising in the UK.

    • be a maximum of two years post qualification.

Application Process

The application, shortlisting and selection processes will be administered nationally by the Florence Nightingale Foundation.

What you will need to demonstrate in your application form and interview:

  • How you will use the programme to work with others, learn from, and share experiences.
  • How the programme will support your personal development plan (PDP).
  • How you will use the experience to improve patient and health outcomes.
  • Your aspirations to develop as a leader.
  • Support from your line manager and Chief Nurse to enable you to attend all learning sessions/opportunities as part of this programme.

Upon application, you are required to upload the following information:

  • Personal, employment and education information.
  • A copy of your professional registration documentation (NMC Registration).
  • An electronic photo of yourself (head and shoulders in high resolution).
  • A completed nominator referral form (completed by your line manager and Chief Nurse) with authorisation to join the programme.
  • Completed terms and conditions.

Please note before application:

  • Applications that do not demonstrate commitment to the profession, improving patient and health outcomes, commitment to the Florence Nightingale Foundation Alumni will not be considered
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted
  • Applications without line manager or Chief Nurse support will not be accepted
  • Download Senior Sponsor Form

If you have any questions about applying for this programme, please email [email protected]

Be part of a 'Life-Changing' experience

Participants report the “life changing” leadership experience and its professional and personal impact. Participants report feeling more confident to speak out and influence improvements in patient care and health outcomes.

Programme Details