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A poem about the Florence Nightingale Foundation Commemoration Service Golden Jubilee at Westminster Abbey

A wonderful poem has been written by two Nurses from South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Chris Gibbon and Bev Tytler attended the Service on the 6th May 2015 and wrote the following about the day: 

Westminster Abbey 6th May 2015

by Chris Gibbon & Bev Tytler

Professional Nurses Forum 12th June 2015


A Day To Remember


Two strangers met to plan a journey of success

A big surprise, a dream come true, to be nominated for the work they do

From north to south they did go to attend and marvel the great unknown.

An experience to visit Westminster Abbey which in return made them both very happy, to be a part of this special 50th service celebrating the years of Florence Nightingale's practice

They arrived in style with smiles and pride

to be representing nurses and their workplace trust-wide

Once inside this grandeur building

They were directed to some marvellous seating

Next to the high altar and the ornate choir stalls

Visual to stain glass windows, which were so tall

Colours that beamed so vibrant and bright

Made them both speechless, although it felt right

Amongst them sat the Chelsea pensioners in their bright red coats,

Her Majesty’s Services, the Army, the Navy, the Air force yet nursing they promote

Nervous, excited, but proud nursing students, all from the Universities of Wales

And over two thousand nurses that were eager to tell of their tales.

The service started at six thirty, to be precise

A ban to all private cameras, videos and any other device

The congregation listened, watched and rejoiced at the ceremony that only ever could be voiced

To attend this Ceremony was an honour and achievement for both colleagues' presence to be

Their nomination was massive and that they did agree

They will never forget the excitement and happy memories it brought to exchange to family, friends and colleagues, so thank you so much for the nomination and thought

Good luck to all others, they hope you agree that next year could be your chance to attend this and see

The strangers who met are strangers no more, they gained trust in one another - a colleague was gained and they learned from each other

A fabulous experience they both encountered to look back on, thereafter, an experience that did not go, without lots of laughter

We all have a chance to reach our goals and that is what we did within our roles. 

This only leaves one more thing to say, and that is from both us;

‘What an honourable day was Wednesday the 6th of May!!!’


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