Professor Greta Westwood Shares the Motivation Behind FNF’s Rebrand

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"Nursing is a progressive art such that to stand still is to go backward."

Like so much of her wisdom, these words shared by Florence Nightingale resonate today. Progression across the nursing and midwifery professions is so important as nurses and midwives prepare to nurse beyond the pandemic. Understanding the latest developments in practice and healthcare, user-experiences and digital technologies is central to the work we do at the Florence Nightingale Foundation®. It means we can offer our nurses and midwives the most outstanding opportunities and programmes to develop their leadership skills, so they can offer the best possible care to their patients, women, local communities, and the people they support.

With this passion to keep FNF progressing, we have rebranded our image and designed and built a marvellous website: an overhaul of the current one including the work of the FNF Academy with the very latest learning resources.

The motivation behind this rebrand is the need to shine a light. To shine a light on our nurses and midwives. We want to demonstrate just how much FNF’s work impacts our beneficiaries. We want to demonstrate how the work we do impacts those who they care for. Our nurses, midwives and their patients, women and communities are at the heart of everything we do and this latest exciting development at FNF is no different. The new website and the new design is about them, and for them.

Therefore, our beautiful new look features a subtle but significant colour contrast – the light and the dark. It represents us shining a light on nurses and midwives, just as Florence Nightingale shone her light.

The Foundation is a memorial to Florence Nightingale and I am so honored to continue her legacy through our work. Florence was the founder of modern nursing, and our new website and new brand have been developed with modernity at its core. I hope she would be proud of how we continue to evolve and how passionate we are about supporting the leadership development of nurses and midwives.

Greta Westwood in Green Jacket
Professor Greta Westwood CBE