Look Out for FNF’s Amazing New Rebrand

We are so excited to tell you that very soon the Florence Nightingale Foundation will be unveiling an amazing and brand-new look!

As the nursing and midwifery community evolves and grows, so do we. Our mission to deliver outstanding scholarships and leadership programmes continue and in line with that, we want to offer the very best online platforms. Part of this has entailed designing and building a fantastic new website. Not only does it look exceptional, but crucially it also offers a carefully considered user-friendly experience. So, whether you’re completing online learning, using our resources, filling in an online application form, or meeting our Star Alumni, you’ll be engaging with a responsive website that works for you. Alongside this, FNF’s look has been completely redesigned too. We believe it is fresh and modern and reflective of the nursing and midwifery community today.

New Website Rebrand

In addition to the new FNF website, we have also developed a new Academy site. This will be home to our online programmes and also provide dedicated spaces for our alumni and members to create and maintain strong networks with like-minded colleagues. The programmes will offer engaging e-learning content, online forums and live sessions that have been developed using the latest technology and learning methodologies.


We are incredibly grateful to the team at top London brand studio Saboteur who designed the site, and to our very own FNF tech experts who have worked tirelessly to build it. Keeping the ethos and vision of the charity at the heart of their work, Saboteur and our tech team have created something extremely special for our scholars, members, alumni, supporters and friends.

The beautiful new design will cascade across everything FNF. From our badges and certificates to our newsletter and socials, all of Team Florence will get to be part of this new chapter.

We hope you love the new FNF look as much as we do and we hope you enjoy using the websites. While Florence Nightingale’s image may be less prominent, she remains the inspiration for everything we do.