Our highlights of 2022

As we draw near to the end of 2022, we wanted to share with you some highlights of the year from members of #Team FNF.

And if you like to, you can find out more about the whole FNF team here.

Greta Westwood CBE – Chief Executive Officer

“I was asked by my team to share my highlight of 2022. This is almost impossible to do given all that has been happening at FNF over the past year – but I cannot name just one, there are two! May 12th 2022, Florence Nightingale Commemoration Service at Westminster Abbey, was so memorable, the first time we hosted 2,200 nurses and midwives since 2019, celebrating all that is brilliant about our professions. The other highlight was the annual scholar conference in October when we celebrated the achievements of our 2021/22 scholars. Such commitment, dedication and excitement. Just wonderful.

Professor Gemma Stacey – Deputy Chief Executive Officer / Director of FNF Policy Unit

“I am incredibly proud of our collaboration with Shiny Mind. Nurses and midwives are feeling immense pressure at the moment. The new nursing version of the ShinyMind app was co-created by nurses, midwives and healthcare support workers and is designed to help support your mental health and wellbeing. You can download the app with the QR code below.”

Lucy Brown RNC, MSc, BSc, PGCert – Director of Nursing and Midwifery Leadership Development 

“It has to be the scholar conference for me! Bringing together our incredible scholars and celebrating their successes and showcasing their impactful projects. A real team FNF effort.”

Stuart Tuckwood – Director FNF Global

“Having worked with many internationally educated nurses and midwives through my career, I know how dedicated, skilled and enthusiastic they are. Yet so many have not had access to good leadership opportunities. So it was a real highlight of the year for me to see us launch our bespoke online leadership programme for IENMs in the UK. More than 2300 people applied for just 1000 places! The feedback on our first module and interactive webinar has been terrific and it’s a real positive to think of the support we are offering to this amazing group of people.”

Rachel Morgan – Director of Engagement

“Standing in silence at Westminster Abbey in May to remember the nurses and midwives who lost their lives during the pandemic was one of the most poignant moments I have experienced in my career to date. Whilst I am privileged to hear and see the positive impact of the Foundation every day, that occasion was the most special reminder of why our work, supporting nurses and midwives to thrive, matters so much.”

Jess Sainsbury – Research and Policy Associate 

“The strides we have taken alongside and in collaboration with the student population has to be my highlight of 2022. It is clear that FNF is truly committed to supporting and inspiring leaders right from the start of their careers as we are all leaders no matter our title, position or length of experience. I am proud to highlight in particular our practice-based pilot student leadership programme in collaboration with NMUH and three Universities, the continued work of the Student Shared Professional Decision-Making Councils in the South East of England, and of course our #FNFStudents day.”