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Bethany Hall is one of our current cohort of Clinical Education Improvement Fellows (CEIF) who are leading and developing self-identified improvement projects.

Beth started her career in neonatal intensive care. After three years, she left neonates to follow her passion; organ donation. Over the following three years, Beth found her passion for developing others and moved into the role of professional development specialist, designing training and education for the specialist nurses- organ donation across the country. Whilst helping to introduce student nurses into the organisation, Beth was exposed to the corporate nursing team and shortly after, moved over to join them as the Deputy Corporate Lead Nurse. This role saw Beth helping to deliver the Nursing Strategy and working to improve the professional development opportunities across the wider organisation. 

In this latest CEIF blog, Beth share more of her experience to date.

“Happy New Year everyone! I must say, that for all of us, an unexpected perk of the fellowship was being able to have both Christmas and New year off, something that very rarely happens in healthcare!
We enter January refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to continue our improvement journey.

We are now four months in, and time is flying. When you’re working autonomously, it can sometimes be hard to recognise your own progress, so it is always so rewarding to meet with the group and our academic supervisors. Speaking through your project and receiving feedback helps us to recognise how far we have all come in a few short months.

Our last academic session before Christmas saw us explore realist evaluations with Chris and discuss how context impacts our projects. We were lucky enough to enjoy a Christmas lunch together, bonding as a group. The afternoon was spent doing project feed forwards- a skill we are now becoming quite adept at, and I personally managed to overcome a few project hurdles as a result of this session. It’s amazing how many ideas and suggestions can come from one group of people. Our projects are all evolving and making progress- some on their original tracks and others (like mine!) have taken a slightly less direct route. I am so excited to see where they all end up at the end of the year.

We started back in January with a bang- a session with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts to work on our presence and impact. Following an email to prepare ourselves for ‘floor work’, none of us really knew what to expect and were slightly apprehensive! However, this day was fantastic. Full of practical advice and tips on how to improve our communication and delivery of ideas. Before we left, we all made a commitment to practice our ‘Feet, Head, Shoulders, Breath’ at various points throughout the day to make it commonplace- hopefully you will see the impact of the course in our 1-minute project pitches!
We have lots of exciting sessions coming up in February; A 2 day course on ‘Building Your Authority‘ with the Kings Fund and February’s academic session, which I am sure Helen will fill you in on in the next blog. We are also in the midst of planning a stakeholders networking event and a twitter chat- so watch this #SE_CEIF space!

We are all continually grateful to HEE SE, Florence Nightingale Foundation and Canterbury Christ Church for this incredible opportunity and for their ongoing support.”

Beth Hall – Clinical Education Improvement Fellow

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