Gill Rogers, BA, RN, MSc.

Gill is and independent consultant, facilitator and systems leader who specialises in bringing teams together to improve outcomes through working with individuals. She is passionate about improving individuals’ potential and works at all levels to achieve this.  

Gill ,  BA, RN with an MSc  in Management Development and Social Responsibility (Bristol University) and is a CEDR accredited mediator. She has worked as a nurse and held several senior management roles in a variety of NHS and private organisations. Gill is an accredited Time to Think facilitator and coach. 

Gill is particularly experienced at working with staff in Primary Care organisations often helping organisations in a fragmented system value their most precious resource – staff.  She is adept at helping professionals and leaders make sense of complexity so that they can manage the landscape and politics to deliver high quality of care.   

Gill was Director of General Practice Nursing at Londonwide Local Medical Committees establishing leadership forums for General Practice Nurses and Practice Managers in London. Gill was   Programme Director for an academically accredited foundation level programme created to help nurses new to General Practice. Gill is skilled at making sure that people are valued, and their views are heard and acted upon.  

Gill currently leads the GPN programme for Capital Nurse and NHSE / I (London) working on workforce initiatives regionally and nationally. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Gill chairs a leadership group for General Practice Nurses in London which has enabled the nurse’s voice to be heard for the benefit of patient care and nurses working in the pandemic in London and nationally.  

Gill is a non- executive Director of Risky Business Events and volunteers for Mediation Hertfordshire.