Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée, CBE

Neslyn has a long track record in the nursing and the NHS as a former nurse, midwife, health visitor, health promotion officer, deputy director of nurse education and non-executive director in the NHS, including 10 years as Chair of NHS Kingston.

Neslyn is a business psychologist, accredited executive coach who mainly works with senior civil servants U.K Gov. Neslyn laid the foundations for Leadership Development for the  NHS in 1993 when she piloted Leadership, Career and Personal Development for NHS staff. Her work formed the foundations for the NHS Breakthrough Programme and subsequently the current NHS Leadership Academy.

Neslyn has a portfolio career inclusive of Patron to Media Organisations, Trustee, Leadership Development Consultant and Public Speaking. Within Neslyn’s coaching practice she focuses on High Performance, Appreciative Inquiry and Emotional Intelligence. Neslyn holds qualified European Test User Certificate (level 2): Work and Organisational Assessment.  Also, Licensed to deliver Lumina Spark, Lumina Leader, SDI, MBTI, Orpheus, Benchmarks, CPI, FIRO-B, Margerison McCann: TMP, TWP, QO2 and Linking Skills. MLR: Situational Leadership, Negotiating skills and Influencing skills profiles.