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Small Grants for International Nursing and Midwifery Associations (INMA) in England


The Florence Nightingale Foundation in partnership with the International Recruitment (IR) Nursing Team at NHS England are pleased to announce the opening of applications for the third round of small grants for International Nursing and Midwifery Associations in England.

These grants (starting from £3,000 up to £10,000) are available to nurses and midwives who lead International Nursing and Midwifery Associations in England with a view of enhancing their pastoral care offer and professional support to members of their association.

The Small Grants Programme aims to:

  • Advance the pastoral support, health and wellbeing and professional support of Internationally recruited nurses in England.
  • Enhance the leadership and project management skills of international nursing and midwifery leaders from the associations.
  • Support the INMAs to establish their associations and work on their sustainability.

This grant scheme is sponsored by Ruth May, CNO England.

The improvement project must be aligned to both the CNO’s priorities and the NHS People Plan as it applies to nursing and midwifery.


Application Criteria

Please note you will need to complete an application form (click the ‘Apply Here’ button) AND record and submit a short video (see more details below) explaining what you will use the funding for.

Your small grants proposal should fall under one of the following categories:

  1. Digital platform enhancement 
  2. Pastoral support for newly arrived nurses and midwives
  3. Professional support support and well being initiatives for internationally educated nurses and midwives
  4. Other initiatives – please specify

Essential Criteria to be identified on the Application Form:

  • Main applicant for the project must hold a current registration with NMC.
  • Details of a secondary contact (also an NMC registrant) who must be contactable if the main contact is unavailable.
  • The outcomes of the proposed project are designed to benefit and enhance the pastoral care offer and professional support for their international nursing communities.
  • Deliver the project for a maximum period of 6 months with mid and final progress reports.
  • A proposal that sets out how the objectives, methods, outcomes and timescales
  • Limited to one application per association.
  • Supporting reference for the association.
  • Must have a bank account named after the association.

Additional Criteria to be identified in a 3-minute Video Presentation (instructions on how to record and upload your video can be found further down this page)

  • A proposal that is appropriate, innovative, value for money and sustainable and suitable for their members.
  • The association is able to demonstrate that they can deliver and have the necessary skills and resources available.
  • The applicant/s can articulate their knowledge of the challenges facing their members.
  • The outcomes can be linked to the association’s values/vision.

Additional Criteria to be identified on the Application Form

  • The application includes a stakeholder engagement plan.
  • The application has a valid dissemination strategy for the project outcomes.
  • The application includes a sustainability strategy.

Additional Guidance

  • Progress reporting will be required midpoint and at the end of the project.
  • Priority will be given to first time applicants who are new or emerging followed by associations from the top 20 ethnicities in the nursing and midwifery workforce of NHS England.
  • If you are an emerging/new association, you may have access to the full grant amount of £10,000.

If you are applying for the third round, the criteria for selection and funding will be:

  • Based on the numbers on ESR.
  • Association memberships and reach.
  • The completion of projects as previous recipients of the small grants.
  • Previous small grant monies should have been fully used.

Key Dates

22 March 2023

Applications open

17 May 2023

Applications close

5 June 2023

Successful applicants to be notified

Application Process

Upon application, you are required to upload the following information: 

  • Personal, employment and education information.
  • A copy of your NMC registration. documentation.
  • Valid UK Bank account in the name of the association.
  • Signed terms and conditions.
  • 3-minute Powerpoint video – please watch the video below to find out more.

Please note the following: 

  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • There will be no extension of deadlines.

If you have any questions about applying, please email [email protected]

How to create your PowerPoint video

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