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Opportunity to be chair of Shared Decision Making Councils


Opportunity to be chair of Shared Decision Making Councils.

The Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care, Deborah Sturdy, is working with colleagues at NHS England and across all 42 local Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) in England, to establish Shared Professional Decision Making Councils (SDMCs).

The purpose of these councils is to help provide a better understanding of nursing in adult social care, as well as insight into the wider adult social care sector, to Directors of Nursing in ICBs.

Deborah Sturdy is seeking expressions of interest from individuals with an active nursing registration working in adult social care to become chairs of these new SDMCs. This is an exciting opportunity to inform local understanding and recognition of their profession and the wider sector.

ICBs are responsible for planning and funding NHS services in a local area. They also have a wider role in ICSs who have responsibility for decisions around social care and health. It is vital that these organisations hear the voice of nursing in adult social care, and the voice of the wider sector.


Key Dates

10 November 2022

Applications open

5 January 2023

Applications close

5 - 11 January 2023


11 January 2023

Informed of outcome

24 January 2023

Understanding the Landscape of Integrated Care Systems and the Role of the Social Care SDMC. (Virtual)

15 February 2023

Personality Preferences and Performance in Teams & Becoming an Effective Chair. (Virtual)

8 - 14 March 2023

Presentation of Self: Presence & Impact with The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA). One day within this date timeframe, will be allocated. (Face to face)

April 2023

Introduction to co-consulting: A peer group coaching approach Online programme and
Virtual action Learning sets to consolidate the theory. Allocation of dates and times per individual TBC

July 2023

Celebration Event. (Face to face)

Eligibility Criteria

Who can be a chair?

• Individuals with a nursing qualification and currently registered, but can have another substantive role, e.g. registered or frontline managers, directors or owners

• Individuals with sit in roles not directly involved in providing care – they must be able to demonstrate how they are connected to their local sector or reflect on how they will build connections.

The role will suit someone who has connections to local groups or forums, or who is willing to build links so that they can hear a variety of different views.

Further information

How many chair posts are available? 42 Chairs posts. One for each ICB. Where more than one expression of interest is received, the applications will be reviewed.

What will the role involve? From April 2023, each SDMC will meet quarterly with the Director of Nursing for their ICB. The wider membership of each SDMC will be made up of nursing and / or adult social care representatives. The chair will be responsible for leading and facilitating discussions, as well as agreeing an agenda with the Director of Nursing. They will represent both the nursing profession and adult social care.

The agenda and frequency of meetings will evolve in agreement with the Director of Nursing and individual chairs as they are appointed – however, as a minimum, we would expect them to convene and chair between 3 and 4 meetings of the SDCs a year and provide ad hoc professional expert advice and guidance on social care to shape and inform delivery of ICS priorities. We will share further guidance on makeup of the SDC members in due course, but would expect individuals to comprise a mix of frontline social care staff.

Support available for chairs. Those expressing an interest in becoming a chair will take part in a development programme starting in January 2023. Delivered by the Florence Nightingale Foundation this five-day bespoke programme will enhance participants ability to lead and influence, while representing adult social care. Programme places are fully funded and most elements are virtual, however any associated travel or accommodation must be covered by your employing organisation. See further details on this programme below.

Click HERE to download the Senior Sponsor Form.

Development Programme Structure

Day 1

Understanding the Landscape of Integrated Care Systems and the Role of the Social Care SDMC (Face to face)

This session will be delivered in collaboration with Deborah Sturdy, Chief Nurse in Adult Social Care and Hillary Garratt (NHS England) to provide the political landscape and financial context to ICSs. Particular attention will be given to the potential for social care.

Day 2 - Morning

Personality Preferences and Performance in Teams (Virtual)

Utilising the psychometric tool, Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) we will explore how personality preference influences personal leadership styles and how awareness can enable the promotion of high-performing group processes. This offers participants an objective view which increases awareness of bias, styles and preferences along with tools to manage obstructive group dynamics.

Day 2 - Afternoon

Becoming an Effective Chair (Virtual)

Developing confidence in the skills required to prepare, plan, execute and evaluate effective SDMC meetings. Principles of shared decision making will be integral to the approach to ensure a variety of perspectives from nurses working in social care are heard, understood and represented.

Day 3

Presentation of Self: Presence & Impact (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) (Face to Face)

Practical approaches to developing confidence and clarity in the delivery of key messages for a range of audiences including the executive leaders and Integrated Care Boards. Additionally, a focus on advanced skills for chairing collaborative and inclusive meetings which have tangible outcomes.

Day 4

Introduction to co-consulting: A peer group coaching approach (Virtual)

Participants will learn the method of action learning known as co-consulting. Through the online module and practical live session participants will have the opportunity to explore the theory, skills and practice this sustainable approach to apply it within their own networks and teams. Learning sets will continue to meet following the completion of the programme to provide ongoing opportunity for the network of SDMC chairs to have access to peer support.

Day 5

High Profile celebration event to be held at the end of the programme (Face to Face)

Additional information

All participants will be allocated a sponsor who is a ICB Chief Nurse from their region.

All participants will join the FNF alumni community and receive ongoing networking and leadership development opportunities through events, webinars, media engagement and policy thought leadership.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Programme Details