Afia Julius

Afia joined FNF in November 2023 as an Academy Coordinator.

In addition to earning an MSc in International Development from the LSE and a Postgraduate Certificate in Forced Migration Studies from the University of Oxford, Afia possesses practical experience in navigating complex charity sector projects, dynamic operational environments, and intricate data requirements. Her daily objective revolves around creating a positive impact within the community through her work, both within and beyond the charity sector.

Before joining the Florence Nightingale Foundation, Afia successfully managed and coordinated a council-funded project that provided infrastructure support and capacity building to the Voluntary, Community and Faith based sector throughout a London Borough. She also supported initiatives in managing renewable energy projects in emerging markets. Afia’s commitment to overcoming challenges to assist others is further underscored by her firsthand experience with complex humanitarian emergencies. Notably, she contributed to World Vision International’s response in South Sudan during the height of the civil war.

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