Putting on ‘A Brave Face’ during the pandemic

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Mandeep Lally, a Junior Sister at the University Hospital of Derby and Burton NHS, has written an incredibly poignant and moving memoir about her experiences of being a nurse leader during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Written during some of her darkest moments during the pandemic, Mandeep’s memoir ‘A Brave Face’ is an honest account of the exhaustion, distress and emotional turbulence she endured. It details her experiences of coping at work and coping at home, in particular the pressing need she felt to put on ‘a brave face’ as she led her team and reassured her family.

Mandeep, a Florence Nightingale Foundation scholar and Alumni Champion, has kindly and courageously shared her memoir with us; you can watch her reading it aloud on FNF’s YouTube channel with Academy Director Professor Gemma Stacey. It is a story that’s likely to resonate deeply with many of you who worked during the pandemic and may trigger some difficult feelings and memories. Please be kind to yourself and after watching, take time out to reflect.

Following her memoir reading, Mandeep and Gemma discuss Clinical Supervision, in particular how vital it is when stress levels are so extraordinarily high. Mandeep recalls the support she received from her manager which enabled her to share her concerns in a safe space. She reflects on the need for Clinical Supervision: the role it plays in wellbeing and retention, and how it should be available to all nurses and midwives. 

Watch the conversation in full here 

FNF fully support the provision of safe spaces for nurses and midwives to explore, share and reflect. Click below to see how we are advocating on this vital issue.

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If you would like to seek out support for personal and professional challenges, please do book a place on our Nightingale Frontline Leadership Support Service. These peer-to-peer sessions are expertly facilitated and offer a safe space for nurses and midwives to share concerns and find solutions. 







Mandeep Lally
Mandeep Lally