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Clinical Supervision Subject Expert Group

Attempts to secure regular clinical supervision for nurses and midwives are longstanding. Despite this, a structure for sustained access to high-quality supervision is still far from a reality.

The Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) Academy Membership has highlighted this as a policy priority for FNF to take forward. As a result, a Clinical Supervision Subject Expert Group (CS-SEG) has been established comprising of National leaders in the field and representing all four countries of the UK.


The activity commenced with an RCN Students webinar in summer 2020, and since then CS-SEG has been active in working with members to take this agenda forward. The current focus of the CS-SEG is to:

Recognising that ‘one size does not fit all’, the CS-SEG have agreed that their common purpose is not to redefine clinical supervision nor advocate for a preferred model. They value the numerous initiatives occurring across the UK but have defined their role as advocating for an underpinning structure, grounded in policy, which will enable nurses to consistently access a high-quality standard of clinical supervision in a sustained manner.

We will soon be sharing case studies and further information on the CS-SEG, so please return to this webpage in the near future. If you would like further information in the meantime, please contact CS-SEG Chair Jess Sainsbury at [email protected].

Clinical Supervision Subject Expert Group (CS-SEG) Team

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