Growing the FNF Academy team

We are delighted to welcome two new Leadership Development Facilitators to Team FNF. Becky Thomas and Peter Roxburgh will bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the design and delivery of FNF leadership development programmes as we grow our impact: aiming to reach one million nurses and midwives by 2027.

Becky Thomas is a recognised nurse leader. You might know her as the host and founder of the Leadership Log Podcast, the creator of #High5Friday, and an active FNF Champion and Alumni Member.

A Proud Nurse. Passionate about making a difference. Disruptor. Interested in leadership, human factors, safety science, behaviour and culture, entrepreneurship and digital. Becky has been studying Psychological Safety and is passionate about championing and supporting building and maintaining psychological safety in teams across the professions

A creative, innovative, and enthusiastic individual with a great passion for nursing and motivated to improve standards of dignity and care for patients and promote the professional identity of nursing. Having 28 years of experience within a wide variety of services, has provided her with comprehensive, highly specialised, and detailed professional knowledge.

Described as having an authentic appreciation of the needs and experiences of staff delivering direct care, with high energy levels and enthusiasm for leadership and quality improvement which is extremely motivating for the staff she engages with.

She has the insight to know that she can always learn and enjoys gaining knowledge and sharing best practice.

A Self-confessed geek. Apple Fan Girl. Vinyl Junkie. Book Nerd. Mountain Biker and Dog lover.

Peter Roxburgh has a passion for helping people become truer versions of themselves – whether through coaching, mentoring, group training sessions or just over a warm brew. 

He has a broad range of experience, having overseen marketing, finance, HR, IT, Admin, software projects, impact & evaluation, social entrepreneurship and L&D design and delivery for offices in the US, UK, Netherlands, India and Bangladesh. A significant portion of his leadership growth came as CFO for an anti-trafficking organisation that grew from 68 staff to 350 staff in three years, with offices in five different countries. 

Peter has designed and delivered a variety of leadership development programmes for organisations such as WHO, Tesco, Ericsson, PWC, Boston Scientific, IFC, and numerous others, delivering for teams across the globe. 

He enjoys historical novels, learning about learning, and when his knee will let him, he enjoys running.

Becky and Peter will join the FNF team in May – we can’t wait to have them on board!