Major Helen Towler

I started my nursing career as a Nursing Auxiliary at the age of 18 and, on completion of pre-registration studies, joined the nursing register in 1997.  I gained a wide experience in a variety of nursing specialties before joining the Queen Alexandria’s Royal Army Nursing Corps (QARANC or “QA’s”) in 2002.  In 2006 I undertook Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) specialist training and have since gained experience in both Communicable Disease Control (CDC) and Infectious Diseases (ID). In previous posts I have been the IPC lead for both the Army and Defence, ensuring that casualties receive the best care in austere deployed environments.

I have served on Operations in Iraq, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and in 2014 I as was part of the UK team deployed to Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak. My previous 2 jobs have been in healthcare governance and assurance. This included conducting CQC equivalent inspections of Defence medical facilities preparing to deliver care at short notice anywhere in the world. I started my current role in Oct 22 as a Staff Officer supporting the Defence Chief Nurse, representing nurses at the highest levels both within Defence and externally.

Outside of work I enjoy skiing, kayaking and being out and about in my camper van with my cat.

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