Dorcas Gwata

Dorcas Gwata is an experienced frontline mental health nurse and Global Health Consultant. She has worked extensively with young people and families affected by gang culture in London, a project that extrapolates research lessons from low income countries to high income countries, she has worked on the Zimbabwean Friendship Bench Project and she has extensive experience working in East Africa and Asia.  Her ability to live in and for different cultural realities allows Dorcas to import new innovative knowledge also in the UK were mental and physical health issues display similar challenges such as economic constraints and vulnerable population, with focus on gender violence, mental health, and trauma.

Dorcas is a Florence Nightingale and a Mary Seacole Alumni, throughout the COVID19 pandemic she has been at the forefront of addressing institutional racism and inequalities in health care systems, driving policy and better practise, advocating for minority nurses and midwives in the NHS and in global health. She sits on various advisory boards advising ethical recruitment models, climate change and solutions and health inequalities.

Dorcas is a Mental Health Advisor at Tropical Health Education Trust (THET) and The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (RSHTM)  she has recently been awarded with the International Human Rights Award by the University of Surrey. Dorcas is the co-founder of the Global Health Café, the first African-led platform focusing on global health issues with particular focus on Africa, she mentors young graduates, she is passionate about supporting more women of colour in leadership.

Dorcas is writing a book, her book ‘Street Clinic’ is due to be published by Picador Publishers in mid 2023.