Upcoming FNF Policy webinar: Clinical Supervision for students

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Jess Sainsbury, Chair of our Clinical Supervision Subject Expert Group, encourages students and educators to join us for our webinar on Clinical Supervision

Join us at 5pm on Monday 25 April 2022 for an open access webinar on clinical supervision and nurse education. Book your place here.

 On 2 March 2022, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) wrote to Approved Education Institutions (AEIs) to highlight the importance and role of clinical supervision in pre-registration education. During this hour-long webinar, we aim to shine a light on the benefits of clinical supervision for nursing and midwifery students as well as practical tips on how to embed in pre-registration education. We will have guest speakers joining us from the Foundation of Nursing Studies (FoNS), Educators, Students and the NMC.

At the Florence Nightingale Foundation, we host the UK’s Clinical Supervision Subject Expert Group (CS-SEG) who meet bi-monthly to offer expert resource and drive forward the full implementation of clinical supervision for all nurses and midwives in the UK. Through our networks, we recognise that a key piece in the puzzle to embed clinical supervision into practice is through our future workforce: our students.

We need to ensure that the next generation of the nursing and midwifery workforce views clinical supervision as an investment in them, the quality of their practice and their professional identity. This will require us to reframe clinical supervision as essential as opposed to ‘nice to have’ or at the bottom of the priority list. They need to expect clinical supervision from their employers, not see it as something that they attend occasionally to tick a box. A culture change is required. This can be achieved in practice by enabling student engagement in clinical supervision. And in AEIs, by educating students on what clinical supervision is and is not as well as encouraging local clinical supervision champions, be it through buddy schemes, academic representation, or educators advocating.

Students stand side by side with registrants in clinical practice and witness both joyful and traumatic life events as part of their pre-registration education. We believe that the use of clinical supervision will assist to relieve the burden and help them to process and learn from such events. But are AEIs skeptical of the value of clinical supervision, struggling to prioritise the resources, or concerned about how to facilitate it? We would like to hear from educators both in AEIs and in practice, on the perceived and actual barriers for weaving clinical supervision throughout pre-registration programmes.

And what about clinical practice hours, can clinical supervision be counted toward this? Yes it can. Join us to hear from educators who have done so, as well as the NMC in regard to how this links to the Future Nurse Standards of Proficiency.

The renaissance of clinical supervision is well underway and we invite you to join us. On 25 April, we will be sharing real-life examples of how clinical supervision has become a golden thread in nurse education – from the educators as well as the students. In addition, we will be joined by our friends at FoNS and the NMC. There will also be time for you to ask questions.

Clinical supervision for nurses is a policy priority for the Florence Nightingale Foundation, directed by our members. This event is open to all and can be booked on our Eventbrite page. If you would like to contact our CS-SEG for advice or guidance on clinical supervision, please get in touch with Jess via email on [email protected].