Nightingale Frontline services boosted for newly registered nurses and midwives

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In conjunction with NHS England and NHS Improvement’s National Retention Programme, we’re increasing Nightingale Frontline services for newly registered nurses and midwives.

The Covid 19 pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone who works in health care, and for newly registered nurses or midwives who have qualified during this period, it’s been immensely challenging.

Here at FNF, we recognise that newly registered nurses’ and midwives’ support needs are significant. Local preceptorship programmes may have been disrupted by clinical demands and the redeployment of staff. This has made it much more difficult for NRN/Ms to not only share their experiences with their peers but also connect with team members who could help with their transition to the workforce. We know many organisations are recognising this issue and supporting these needs locally through their preceptorship and other programmes but we are also aware that it’s important to provide a range of options for individuals to access support in the way they feel most aligns with their needs.

FNF are committed to supporting the wellbeing and professional development of newly registered nurses and midwives, and so, throughout March, we’re increasing the provision of our Nightingale Frontline sessions specifically for them.

Sixty newly registered nurses or midwives, working in all areas of practice, will be able to attend this confidential and psychological safe space with people unconnected to their professional lives. They will be able to share their challenges with fellow NRN/Ms, listen to and support them, and gain problem-solving skills that will serve them throughout their careers.

Alongside what FNF are offering, the Foundation of Nursing Studies is also providing training in facilitating Resilience-Based Clinical Supervision for 24 Newly Registered Nurses. It’s offered year-round and is open to individuals and organisations.

It has never been more essential to invest in our early career workforce and give them a safe space to share, develop and learn. Book your place here.

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