NHS 70 Leadership Programme - NHS Midlands and East

A Leadership Programme for Band 5 nurses and midwives working in NHS Midlands and East

Early career nurse and midwives need to see a clear pathway of progression and be supported to achieve through personal development. This is the start of their journey.

Professor Greta Westwood

NHS 70 Nurse & Midwife Leadership Programme – Regional overview

This programme supports nurses and midwives in the NHS Midlands and East Region.

The Florence Nightingale Foundation believes harnessing and nurturing the leadership potential of early career nurses and midwives at the start of their careers will help to ensure they are engaged and motivated to stay in the professions they love. This year the Foundation partnered with Health Education England, NHS England (London) and NHS Improvement to offer more leadership learning  opportunities for early career nurses and midwives. The investment in their leadership development will not only support them to be better leaders but will impact on those in their teams to provide the best care and service to those who need them most.

Welcome Day: 4th March 2019

RADA (One of the following dates): 12, 13, 14 March 2019

Residential and Final Day 3 days COMBINED: 20- 22 March 2019

Benefits for you

An opportunity to benefit from a leadership programme and senior leadership support to develop as leaders, to improve patient and health outcomes for 30 Band 5 nurses and midwives in the NHS Midlands and East Region.

  • Leadership Style

    Clear identification of personal leadership style
  • Impact

    Greater self-presence and personal impact to lead practice that is inclusive and patient-centred
  • Impact of Self

    Improved understanding on the impact of self on others
  • Confidence

    Increased confidence and ability to speak up and be heard plus confidence in speaking with and to authority
  • Career progression

    Clearer career progression pathway
  • Resilience

    Improved personal resilience, influence and capabilities to deal with the challenges and demands of a early-career leadership role
  • Personal Approach to Leadership

    Improved understanding of personal approach to leadership - biases, blind spots, attitude to diversity
  • Change

    Greater understanding of the importance of leading change for improved care and services

Benefits for employer

  • Retention of nurses and midwives
  • Positive and empowering impact on team working and staff engagement
  • Succession planning with increased numbers of leaders in the pipeline
  • Improvement in patient and health outcomes
  • Enhanced reputation of employing organisation

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Programme structure

  • Personal assessments using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) with explanation and understanding of self, included int he first day of the programme
  • Module 1: 1 -day Welcome Day – Introduction to Self
    • Explanation and understanding of self with the MBTI tool
    • Establishment of individual cohort learning communities
  • Module 2: 1-day “Personal Presence & Impact” Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) Programme
  • Module 3 & 4 Combined: 3-day Residential and Final Day to agree next steps in leadership journey whilst celebrating their success
    • Introduction to Improvement – 2 day Residential
      • To create a development space to support early career nurses to take up their leadership roles within the health and care system
      • To introduce participants to some basic concepts, tools and practices that underpin leadership
      • To build greater awareness around how leadership shows up regardless of position or job role
      • To build greater confidence in being a leader
      • To create opportunities through a peer-to-peer learning environment to explore and discover a variety of personal leadership styles
      • To facilitate learning that challenges early career nurse and midwives to think about health and care leadership in a less conventional way
      • To build confidence to tackle real workplace issues, reflecting what is needed in the clinical setting to promote safe, high-performing and a practice area that is continuously improving
      • To demonstrate a positive change in practice setting to provide better services. increase patient outcomes and experience/ improve staff engagement and morale
    • Final day: ‘Freshest Thinking’ and ‘Leading in Diverse Cultures’
  • Florence Nightingale Commemoration Service, Westminster Abbey London – a unique opportunity for nurse, midwives, healthcare professionals family members and guests to celebrate their professions and at the same time give thanks for Florence Nightingale’s extraordinary legacy to healthcare.

Eligibility criteria

Band 5 nurses and midwives selected by their Chief Nurse or Director of Midwifery working in the NHS across the NHS Midlands and East region.

Application process

Applications are now closed.

The Chief Nurse with the Director of Midwifery (if appropriate) in each NHS Organisation (NHS Midlands and East) will select one nurse or midwife to be awarded a place on this leadership programme. Once selected the Chief Nurse will ask the relevant nurse or midwife to complete the online FNF application form for administrative purposes. The Chief Nurse must confirm the availability of time and expenses for the applicant to attend the programme by completing the nomination form at this point. The Chief Nurse will also act as the mentor for the participant during the programme.  

  1. Nomination Process Opens: 1st February 2019
  2. Nomination Process Closes: 18th February 2019
  3. Deadline extended until 20th February 2019 for submission

Information for applying online:

Chief Nurses – Please click here to nominate your selected candidate.

Candidates complete the application form on the link below