New FNF Member offer

From April 1st we have updated and improved our Florence Nightingale Foundation Academy Member offer – but not everyone knows what being a member means. Read on to hear from the FNF team and from our members about how our Academy membership has evolved and what it means.

FNF Academy membership is open to senior nurse leaders, and all their team then receive the benefits of membership too. The first member of the FNF Academy joined us in 2020. Since then, 250,000 nurses and midwives have already benefitted from the collective engagement, energy and influence that Membership brings.

“Joining the FNF Academy in 2020 has been a great opportunity for us an organisation. The Academy’s openness and curiosity about what nurses and midwives across multiple healthcare sectors need in practice, and their willingness to design and develop programmes, has created a collaborative approach that really addresses the needs of contemporary nursing and midwifery practice.”

Dr Louise Bramley, Assistant Director of Nursing Institute of Care Excellence, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Gemma Stacey

We launched the FNF Academy in 2020 and at the same time saw that establishing a membership opportunity alongside this was a way to widen our reach and increase accessibility.

We soon saw how membership of FNF Academy provided an innovative space for like-minded nurses and midwives to connect and to build their confidence to lead, and was an opportunity to increase the size and influence of our nursing and midwifery network.

We also soon saw how having a member network enabled us to better draw together experts and enthusiasts in ‘subject expert groups’ to contribute to evidence, share best practice and influence policy. This continues today as these subject expert groups are growing and evolving in response to our members’ needs and priorities.

Gemma Stacey – Deputy CEO, FNF

I joined FNF as Membership and Alumni Manager back in January 2021. At that time, membership had been taken up by 30 organisational trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, and Private Healthcare organisations.

Since then, we have grown hugely, more than doubling our organisational membership, including two Integrated Care Boards and seven Higher Education Institutions. This year we will also be welcoming the first of our Global members too! This growth is in part due to our motivating benefits package, which you can find out more on the following link, but also to our wonderful fully committed team, all ensuring we reach out to every nurse and midwife members to access these benefits, all at a cost roughly equivalent to £1.00 per nurse or midwife.

I am so proud of what we have achieved as a team and look forward to hitting our goal of reaching 1 million nurses and midwifes in the next 5 years!

Adam Rabinowitz – Membership and Alumni Manager, FNF

Adam Rabinowitz

Looking forwards, by joining the FNF Academy as a Member you are becoming part of a social movement for the professional voice of nursing and midwifery. Alongside our immediate access benefits such as our online modules and networking opportunities via FNF Connect, through our shared governance structures, subject expert groups and thought leadership projects you are able to influence policy.

Jess Sainsbury – Head of Nursing and Midwifery Engagement, FNF

“We’re really excited about joining the FNF Academy. FNF membership as an organisation creates opportunities for University staff in nurse education to work in unity with student nurses to collectively promote positive action on welfare, network with the best in nursing and access exclusive learning enhancements.”

James Wilson, Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing & Allied Health, University of Chichester

Visit our Membership page to find out more about the FNF Academy member benefits and opportunities including: free exclusive online modules (with CPD); discounted access to our Nightingale Frontline support service; our new ‘FNF Connect’ find a mentor site; events and networking opportunities (read about our most recent Member Symposium event here); and more. Find out here if your organisation is already a member.

We value nursing, we value midwifery, we value you. Join us and become part of #TeamFNF