We are pleased to announce we will be offering two fullyfunded opportunities across the South East which will be full-time over 12 months. 

Health Education England

Learning Environment Improvement Scholarship and Clinical Education Improvement Fellowship overview

Health Education England and Florence Nightingale Foundation are offering Scholarship and Fellowship opportunities for Nurses, Midwives, and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) wanting to improve practice education across the South East region.

We will be offering fully-funded secondments across the South East in 2021. There will be two types of full-time opportunities, which will be over 12 months.

HEE/FNF Scholarship and Fellowship opportunities across the South East for Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals passionate about improvement in clinical education

This bespoke development programme will have a focus on improving and innovating the clinical learning environment. This will involve undertaking a quality improvement project which focuses on, increasing placement capacity whilst maintaining quality, reducing unwarranted variation in learning experiences or workforce transformation which is aimed at improving learning experiences.

The programme will offer participants a secondment over a 12 month period to undertake this project. This will be supported by the following leadership development elements:

  • Training in Quality Improvement principles and practice
  • Residential experience focused on “Building Your Authority”
  • Skills for demonstrating value and impact through communicating outcomes and report writing
  • Development of “Presence & Impact” through experiential learning provided by RADA
  • Ongoing action learning sets
  • Celebration day

The two opportunities are:

Learning Environment Improvement Scholars

HEE in partnership with FNF are looking to recruit 12 Learning Environment Improvement Scholars in 2021 across the South East.  

The Scholar role is aimed at Nurses, Midwives, and AHPs looking for a development opportunity at Band 8a. The Learning Environment Improvement Scholarship will suit those with experience of supporting students and/or clinical healthcare educators who are looking for a more strategic role in improving the quality of our learning environments.

AHP Clinical Education Improvement Fellows

HEE in partnership with the FNF, Canterbury Christ Church University, and Council of Deans of Health, are looking to recruit six AHPs Clinical Education Improvement Fellows in 2021 across the South East.  

 The Fellowship is aimed at AHPs currently working at Band 8a (and above). The AHP Clinical Education Improvement Fellowship will suit AHPs wishing to work across clinical practice and healthcare education, those wishing to develop system-level skills, and those looking for lectureships or clinical academic careers.

Benefits for you

A leadership programme to provide nurses, midwives and AHP’s in the South East a an opportunity to benefit from a leadership programme and senior leadership support to develop as leaders to ultimately improve patient and health outcomes and provide quality learning environments.

  • Leadership Style

    Clearer identification of personal leadership style
  • Impact

    Greater self-presence and personal impact
  • Impact of Self

    Deeper understanding of the impact of self on others
  • Confidence

    Improved confidence in speaking with, and to authority and be heard
  • Change

    Ability to understand and lead improvement
  • Self Reliance

    Renewed self-reliance to tackle real workplace issues
  • Personal Approach to Leadership

    Greater awareness of personal approach to leadership - biases, blind spots, attitude to diversity

Benefits for employer

  • Retention of staff - FNF Nurses and Midwives remain in healthcare
  • Positive and empowering impact on team working and staff engagement
  • Completion of a Quality Improvement project
  • Enhanced reputation of employing organisation

FNF Leadership Programme Structure

  • Module 1: Welcome Day and Introduction to Self (1 day) - a briefing day to establish individual cohort learning communities. An introduction to self and impact of self on others through Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment and exercises.
  • Module 2: "Introduction to Quality Improvement" ( 1 day) Introduction to quality improvement to inform and support a improvement project to be completed as an outcome of this programme.
  • Module 3: "Building your Authority" (2 day virtual Residential) Improved personal awareness, influence and capabilities to deal with the challenges and demands of an early career leadership role. Develop your own personal approach to leadership – exploring values, biases, blind spots, and attitude to diversity. Confidence to tackle real workplace issues, reflecting what is needed in the clinical setting to promote safe, high-performing, and continuous improvement.
  • Module 4: “Presence & Impact” (2 half-day virtual) Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) Programme
  • Module 5: Writing for publication workshop
  • Ongoing: Action Learning Sets
  • Celebration day - Award ceremony to celebrate the success of the FNF Nurses at end of the programme.

As part of this opportunity, the Fellows and Scholars will join the Florence Nightingale Leadership Development programme. This programme has been developed with HEE to explore and discover their leadership style and develop the essential skills to be a courageous and confident leader. The Scholars and Fellows will complete this programme and work on a project to drive innovation and quality improvement in the provision of practice placements within their local System.

Eligibility criteria

LEI Scholarship – The Scholarship is aimed at Nurses or Midwives working in clinical education and will be offered at Band 8a. The Learning Environment Improvement Scholarship will suit nurses or midwives looking to influence a strategic and systems based approach to clinical education, and those with aspiration to work in Higher Education or at a National level.


CEI Fellow – The Fellow role is aimed at AHPs currently working and will be offered at Band 8a (and above). The AHP Clinical Education Improvement Fellowship will suit AHPs wishing to work across clinical practice and education, those wishing to develop system-level skills, and those looking for lectureships or clinical academic careers.


Application process

Applications are now closed.

Key Dates:

  • Advert opens:  22nd January 2021
  • Advert closes: 28th February 2021
  • Shortlist: w/b 1st March 2021

Programme Dates:

  • Welcome day: 7th April 2021
  • QI Session: 8th April 2021
  • 2 Day virtual Residential: 28th and 29th April
  • 1 Day RADA: TBC w/b 10th May 2021
  • ALS: TBC June 2021
  • Writing for Publication workshop: W/b 12th July 2021
  • Celebration day: TBC November 2021


Information for applying online:

Nominator form for Chief Nurse

Nominator form for Line Manager


What you will need to demonstrate in your application form and interview:

  • How you will use the programme to work with others, learn form and share experiences
  • How the programme will support your personal development plan
  • How you will use the experience to improve patient and health  outcomes
  • Your intention to support regional growth and development
  • Support from your trust/ employing organisation to enable you to attend all sessions/ learning opportunities as part of this programme

Upon application, you are required to upload the following information:

  • Personal, employment and education information
  • A copy of your Professional registration documentation
  • An electronic photo of yourself (head and shoulders, facing camera, in high resolution)
  • A completed nominator form (completed by your line manager) with authorisation to join the programme
  • Completed terms and conditions

Please note before applying:

  • Applications that do not demonstrate commitment to the profession, improving patient and health outcomes, commitment to The Florence Nightingale Foundation Alumni will not be considered
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted
  • Applications without line manager level support will not be accepted

Apply online