We are delighted to announce that Garfield Weston Foundation has generously donated £50,000 to our Foundation to extend the Nightingale Frontline: Leadership Support Service to BAME Nurses working in social care settings.

A big thank you to Garfield Weston Foundation for supporting us with such a generous donation!

The Nightingale Frontline was launched on 8th April 2020 to provide a leadership support service for 12 months to frontline nurses and midwives who are responding to the extraordinary demands of the Covid-19. Since the launch, Nightingale Frontline service supported over 1000 nurses and midwives working across the UK.

This extend of the service will be called Nightingale Frontline: A Leadership Support Service for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Nurses Working in Social Care Caring for Patients with Covid-19 and will support an additional 375 nurses for 12 months.

We are truly thankful to Garfield Weston for such a generous donation and we would not be able to extend our services without their contribution. Thanks to the Garfield Weston Foundation’s donation of £50,000, the service is now available to BAME Nurses working in:

  • Hospices
  • Care Homes
  • Voluntary Sector
  • Charitable Sector
  • Social Care

For more information on our Nightingale Frontline: Leadership Support Service, follow the link here.

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