We are delighted that Florence Nightingale Foundation Alumna, Aisha Holloway, has been appointed Professor of Nursing at the University of Edinburgh and will commence in post at the beginning of January 2017.

As an Florence Nightingale Foundation Leadership Scholar (2014-2015), Aisha undertook one of our bespoke programmes of strategic leadership development in nursing. She also completed a Leadership programme at Harvard Business School and visited Congress/Senate, Washington DC, USA as part of the Scholarship, working with Nurse Leaders there in Spring 2015. Aisha is currently a CNO Clinical Academic Research Fellow, and will remain so until the end of 2017, working on a programme of research exploring the feasibility and development of alcohol interventions in male remand prisoners.

Aisha’s academic and research interests include the development and promotion of evidence-based public health practice focusing on reducing alcohol-related risk and harm. She is also particularly interested in exploring nursing leadership and its role in the development of health policy.

We at the Foundation know that her scholarship experiences, together with her current CNO fellowship, will have nurtured her wonderful natural leadership skills and helped prepare her for this exciting new role.

The University of Edinburgh says: “Aisha brings enormous energy and expertise to the role, and we welcome the opportunity to work together to shape the future of nursing.”

Congratulations Aisha – what an exciting start to 2017!

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