East of England Aspiring Director Leadership Programme

The Florence Nightingale Foundation is pleased to partner with Health Education England in the East of England to provide a leadership development opportunity for aspiring director nurses and midwives working across the region.

This bespoke programme is intended to enhance the ability of aspiring nurse and midwifery directors to provide a facilitated learning space, enabling them to lead their teams in a way that promotes clinical excellence.

Our partners: 

Programme Breakdown

Module 1: Personality preferences and performance in Teams – Develop the cohort learning community and gain an introduction to the impact of self on others through Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment and exercises.

Module 2: Personal Presence and Impact – work with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts to develop your confidence and communication skills as a leader.

Module 3: Negotiating, Influencing, Building Authority and Stepping up to the Board – Improved personal awareness, influence and capabilities to deal with the challenges and demands of an aspiring director leadership role. Development of your leadership attributes which enables influence up to the board including:

  •  Negotiation of challenging team dynamics
  •  Galvanising motivation to promote a culture of best practice
  •  Demonstrating individual and team impact

In addition, consider personal development, actions and behaviours to translate learning into future leadership practice.

Module 4: Political Acumen and Promoting Change – Develop greater political understanding around how national NHS policy is developed, interactions and relationships between the civil service, arms-length bodies and Ministers, and how/where you could have influence to the benefit of your organisation, system and region.

Celebration Ceremony to celebrate the success of the Florence Nightingale Foundation healthcare participants at end of the programme.

Key Dates

  • Applications open – 24 Aug
  • Applications close – 29 Sept
  • Shortlisting – Week commencing 4 Oct
  • Applicants notified – No later than the 13 Oct

Programme Dates

  • Personality preferences and performance in Teams – 2 Nov (Online)
  • Negotiating, Influencing, Building Authority and Stepping up to the Board: 10 Feb 22 (Online)
  • Personal Presence and Impact: 12 Jan 22 (Face to Face)
  • Political Acumen and Promoting Change: 15 Mar 22 (Online)
  • Celebration Event: 03 May 22

Benefits for You

  • Clearer identification of your personal leadership style
  • Greater self-presence and personal impact
  • Deeper understanding of the impact of yourself on others
  • Improved confidence in speaking up
  • Renewed self-reliance to tackle real workplace issues
  • Greater awareness of personal approach to leadership – biases, blind spots, attitude to diversity
  • Professional development
  • Ability to lead with greater presence

Benefits for Employer

  • Retention of staff – Florence Nightingale Foundation nurses and midwives remain in healthcare enabling staff retention
  • Positive and empowering impact on team working and staff engagement
  • Succession planning with increased numbers of leaders in the pipeline
  • Enhanced reputation of employing organisation

Eligibility Criteria

  • Individuals must be able to attend all dates of the programme.
  • Must be a registered Nurse or Midwife and be equivalent of a Band 8a or above who provide NHS funded care.
  • Must be working within the East of England region and provide NHS funded care.

Application Process

Download Senior Sponsor form

Please download the nominator form which is to be filled in by a senior person from your organisation that is supporting your application.

Application Form


Applicants are required to complete the application fully and upload:

  • A copy of your NMC statement of entry (found on your NMC online account).
  • An electronic photo of yourself (head and shoulders in high resolution).
  • A digitally completed nominator form from a senior sponsor who will agree to fully supporting you on the programme.
  • Must agree to the terms and conditions on the application form.

Please note before application:

  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • Applications without digitally complete Senior Sponsor support will not be accepted.