Early Digital Healthcare Leadership Programme

The Florence Nightingale Foundation is pleased to partner with System C to provide a leadership development opportunity for early career Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals who are embarking on a career in Digital Healthcare Leadership and are members of the System C Clinical Digital Leads Network.

This bespoke programme will enhance attendees ability to successfully influence within their role and ensure they can transfer their learnings to contexts which require them to exercise authority. This prepares participants for future leadership positions, offering them the opportunity to exhibit their knowledge and influence at a systems level.

Emphasis will be on the early career digital leaders’ ability to embed digital solutions into practice. They will need to be able to educate and engage the wider healthcare workforce, reiterating the need to embrace digital methods without losing touch with personal patient care.

Programme Breakdown

Module 1: Personality preferences and performance in Teams – Develop the cohort learning community and gain an introduction to the impact of self on others through Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment and exercises.

Module 2: Developing Presence and Impact – to work with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts to develop your confidence and communication skills as a leader.

Module 3: Leading Digital Transformation – Developing skills and confidence to lead digital transformation by engaging the multi-disciplinary team to enhance understanding and manage resistance in an effective manner. Actively inform communications and education surrounding digital transformation to ensure the art of healthcare practice remains at the heart of any digitally enhanced practice.

Key Dates

  • Applications open – 06 July
  • Applications close – 29 July
  • Shortlisting – Week commencing 02 August
  • Applicants notified – No later than the 12 August
  • Personality preferences and performance in Teams – 5 October
  • Presentation of Self: Presence & Impact (RADA) – 6 October
  • Leading Digital Transformation (CHIME) – 7 October

Benefits for You

  • Clearer identification of your personal leadership style
  • Greater self-presence and personal impact
  • Deeper understanding of the impact of yourself on others
  • Improved confidence in speaking up
  • Renewed self-reliance to tackle real workplace issues
  • Greater awareness of personal approach to leadership – biases, blind spots, attitude to diversity
  • Professional development
  • Ability to lead with greater presence

Benefits for Employer

  • Supporting leadership growth through fostering a culture of engagement and collective voice
  • Positive and empowering impact on team working and staff engagement
  • Succession planning with increased numbers of digital leaders in the pipeline
  • Enhanced reputation of employing organisation and System C

Eligibility Criteria

  • Individuals must be able to attend all dates of the programme.
  • Must be a registered Nurse, Midwife or Allied Health Professional and be a member of the System C Clinical Digital Leads Network.
  • This programme is fully funded including refreshments and lunches for all face to face programme days and 2 nights accommodation during the programme. It is expected the travel costs to attend the programme will be funded by your employer and without this commitment, your application will not be complete and therefore will not be considered for shortlisting.


Please note the following:

  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted