Shine a light

Guy Powell and Bertha Matunge

Global Nursing and Midwifery Subject Expert Group

The purpose of the Global Nursing & Midwifery – Subject Expert Group (GNM-SEG) is to determine, facilitate and co-produce culturally aware, leadership development programmes for nurses and midwives from ethnic minorities with a particular focus on international nurses working across the UK with a focus on the following:

Clinical Supervision Subject Expert Group
  • Ensure and elevate the voice of global nurses in areas that will promote self, others and services, driving clinical excellence through leadership.
  • Comment, contribute and agree on the content, materials, and methods of delivery of co-produced leadership development programme.
  • Agree on key performance indicators for the implementation, ongoing evaluation and timeframes of modules and units within leadership programmes.
  • Contribute to and agree on the quarterly progress reports.
  • Leaders representing, leading and supporting nurses from across the globe who are working in the UK.
  • FNF Academy employees are responsible for the development and delivery of leadership development programmes for nurses from across the globe working in England.
  • Leaders from National International Recruitment and Retention Teams.

The group have successfully developed a curriculum for a blended leadership development programme which will be accessed by 2000 International Nurses in 2022/23. The programme has been funded by Burdett Trust for Nursing. They are currently working with Tropical Education & Education Trust (THET) to collaborate on a project which will look to strengthen the influence of International Nursing Associations on the mental health and well being of International Nurses and Midwives. 

"When I am no longer even a memory, just a name, I hope my voice may perpetuate the great work of my life."