Yolanda Fernandes MSc, MBA, BSc(Hons), RSCN, RN, FRSA

Yolanda has enjoyed a rewarding career as a clinician, manager and senior leader in  the public and private health sector. She is a skilled and  experienced Quality Improvement (QI), Experience Based Design (EBD), Shared Decision Making and Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Facilitator.

She currently works as a Life Transition Coach partnering with women awakening to their mid-life calling to guide them discover with curiosity their untapped potential to re-imagine, design and action a new lifestyle that brings them joy doing purposeful work and becoming the their best selves playing the game of life fully with confidence and courage.

She is also an active Inclusive Leadership Development Facilitator who champions, influences and contributes positively to an organisation’s Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, Belonging & Trust strategic plans. 

Yolanda’s volunteer experience includes being a Trustee at her local Hospice and a trained Dementia Champion as she has lived experience of caring for her late Mother who had Dementia.

Other interest – Yolanda is a keen home cook who gains joy cooking authentic Goan cuisine for family and friends. She enjoys global cookery travel holidays, which she consistently gifts herself in support of her self-care and wellbeing.