Chairs of Clinical Nursing Practice Research

The Statement of Purpose of the Foundation is that, as a living memorial to Florence Nightingale, it advances the study of nursing and midwifery and promotes excellence in practice.  It does this by conferring scholarships which enable the practitioners to extend their knowledge and skills to meet the changing needs of patient care.

Previously, all scholarships supported scholars who came to the Foundation with their own specific interests in areas of clinical and academic practice.  As we planned for the future it was considered that the Foundation may wish to take a more direct and pro-active approach to adding to the body of clinical knowledge by influencing the commissioning of scholarly activity in areas of clinical practice that will maximise the benefit to patient care.

It was therefore decided to set up a network of Florence Nightingale Foundation Chairs of Clinical Nursing Practice Research. Each Chair has strong academic roots within a named University but also clinical links to a Trust or Health Board.

We now have a peer network of Chairs who are geographically separate but with a common purpose to pursue and promulgate clinical academic knowledge and work systematically to disseminate research findings, encourage the adoption and implementation of research evidence thereby promoting good practice in patient care.

The Chairs

  • Professor Christi Deaton
  • Professor Michelle Briggs
  • Professor Debbie Carrick-Sen
  • Professor Candy McCabe
  • Professor Vivien Coates
  • Professor Bridget Johnston
  • Professor Fiona Nolan
  • Professor Natalie Pattison