Carolina Barton-Jones

Carolina is an Academy Co-ordinator and Lead for the FNF Scholarship Programme, she has been working with the Team since March 2021, and is the main contact for our scholars.   Carolina is proud and committed in her role and is passionate about supporting the scholars to grow and develop into inspirational leaders and role models for Nursing and Midwifery.

Carolina has previously worked in Administration in the private sector for several years and most recently in the public (NHS) and charitable sectors, she has extensive experience in administration, management, and finance. She is committed and takes her role seriously, including championing the work of the FNF to reach a wider audience in the UK and globally.

Carolina does not take herself too seriously, when not working she enjoys socialising, cooking, reading, blogging, and some cycling!

Carolina advocates fair and positive social justice, sustainability and inclusivity. Carolina’s motto is: ‘We are all on this journey of life, let’s make the most of it together, by lifting one another up to succeed’. 😉



Carolina Barton-Jones
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