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Lin Graham Ray - Alumna Presenting at FNF Annual Conference

Capturing the Patient Voice in Research Highlighting the Example of Looked After Children - Addressing the challenges involved in undertaking qualitative narrative research

Lin Graham – Ray (RN (Child), Bsc, MA), is a Nurse Consultant/ Designated Nurse for Looked After Children (LAC) and Care Leavers in Hammersmith and Fulham as part of the Central London Community Health Care Trust (CLCH) and a Florence Nightingale Foundation Research Scholar. A paediatric nurse by background, Lin was the first nurse in London to be appointed to work with Looked After Children in 2000. Being named ‘Nurse of the Year’ in 2009, amongst many other accolades, Lin has continued to be at the forefront of developments in the field of Looked After Children’s Health by meeting with the Prime Minister and Health Ministers and working in collaboration with the Who Cares? Trust. Lin is currently working towards her Professional Doctorate at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, is  a specialist advisor to the Care Quality Commission as well as a Health Advisory group member to Coram BAAF.

We are delighted that Lin will be presenting a masterclass, ‘Capturing the Patient Voice in Research Highlighting the Example of Looked After Children’ at our Annual Conference on Friday 3rd February at the Tower Hotel, London. Lin will be exploring the ethical and practical challenges that comes with conducting qualitative research with children and young people. Lin has said that “like most areas of research that aim to analyse the patient experience, there is a myriad of problems in firstly defining your research questions and then undertaking the long research journey ahead”. The masterclass will look at practically addressing some of the challenges involved in undertaking qualitative narrative research.


Key words: Research, vulnerable groups, consent, ethics, methodology, ‘finding your findings’

Lin’s masterclass will be taking place at our annual conference on Friday 3rd February in London. You can book your place at our conference and on our masterclasses here: