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Fundraisers for the Florence Nightingale Foundation on International Nurses Day 2016

Foundation Fundraisers: International Nurses Day Events - 2016 

We were delighted to be selected as one of the charities to benefit from fundraising events across the country on International Nurses Day this year! Donations and fundraisers are so deeply valued by the Foundation, providing support for our scholars programme so that we can continue to offer the maximum number of scholarships to nurses and midwives, which allow them to enhance their skills and experience to the benefit of patient care. 

Staffordshire University Nursing Society

Firstly, The Nursing Society at Staffordshire University (Stafford Campus) ran a highly successful (and cake filled!) event in celebration of Nursing and we were delighted to send materials in support. Thanks to all involved and thank you again for selecting us as one of your chosen charities! 

The University of Central Lancashire's School of Nursing 

Secondly, the University of Central Lancashire's School of Nursing (UCLAN), who have kindly been supporting the Foundation on International Nurses Day for a number of years, ran an event that saw between 300-500 students and staff pass through and we were so pleased to hear that we were once again a charity that UCLAN wished to donate too. Thank you to all involved.

If you are interested in fundraising on behalf of the Florence Nightingale Foundation please do get in touch with Rose (