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Quickfire Q&A with Research Scholar of the Foundation, Simon Hardcastle

Senior Quality Improvement Manager, NHS England East Midlands, Simon Hardcastle answered a few questions this week following the completion of his research scholarship. The work was focused around the expereince of children and their families in palliative care; and the effective transition between young people and adult services. A copy of Simon's work is available from the Foundation upon request. 

1)         Why did you apply for a scholarship from the Florence Nightingale Foundation?

As my dissertation module as part of my masters was not funded, I wanted to apply for funding from a reputable nursing foundation; which not only offers scholarships, but is reputable in its own right and recognised amongst peers and the nursing profession.

2)         How did you feel when you were awarded a scholarship?

I was thrilled to hear that I had been awarded part funding towards my dissertation module, and felt privileged to have been accepted.

3)         What did piece of work did your research scholarship enable you to fund?

The research scholarship went towards my Masters in Advanced Nursing that I was undertaking at the University of Nottingham. I have been working in the field of children’s palliative care for a number of years and specifically around the area of transition. It was evident that there was a lack of research which focused on the experiences of parents, and none that I was able to identify which considered those experiences of parents who had been told that their child would not live past the age of 18 and into adulthood. Therefore this was the area that my research focused on.

4)         How did you feel upon becoming a completed scholar of the Foundation?

It was a really great feeling, not only to have achieved something of academic significance (I am not a great academic) but to have my work recognised by the foundation and to receive positive feedback.

5)         Why would you encourage peers in clinical practice to apply for a scholarship?

As indicated above, the FNF is a reputable and recognised professional nursing foundation which gives peers opportunities to network with others and get support and guidance as required. Having an organisation which has the fundamentals of nursing as overarching principles was a great attractiveness to the scholarship.