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Lesley's PhD thesis (completed 2007) was a qualitative case study of patient dignity in an acute hospital. From 2008-2009, Lesley was a consultant to the Royal College of Nursing's 'Dignity at the heart of everything we do' campaign. Lesley has published and presented widely on patient dignity and is very interested in the promotion of dignity in different care settings. She co-edited 'Dignity in Healthcare: a practical approach for nurses and midwives', published in 2011. Her interest in professional values led to the publication of a book ‘Professional Values in Nursing’ in 2014. Lesley has a background in acute nursing and is particularly interested in how we can enhance quality of patient experience through effective integrated care. Her joint appointment is the first of its kind and has been funded by London South Bank University.

Professor Baillie's work as the clinical chair will be to help promote and encourage nurse-led research and to support nurses' academic development and clinical academic careers at University College London NHS Foundation Trust.  To further support this work at UCLH, in August 2015, Lesley was appointed Director of the Centre for Nurse-and Midwife-led Research and Honorary Professor, University College London.  Lesley says that integrated care and patient dignity are two important areas which are waiting for research to improve patient care. She also added "It is important that nurses who are closely involved with patients for so much of the time, should be involved in research to help improve the care patients receive. I am looking forward to helping them to take their ideas forward and develop them further" The Florence Nightingale Foundation have said that Professor Baillie's appointment will be part of a network of chairs in clinical practice research and unlike academic chairs, clinical counterparts spend some of their time in a healthcare environment.

Professor Baillie has already started to help with research at UCLH and hopes to help more nurses and midwives at UCLH with their research aspirations. She is always happy to be contacted for informal discussions to discuss research ideas, practice ideas and evaluation, and their academic development.

Lesley was appointed on 13th July 2012. 


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