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Discover@Fort Nelson

Discover@FortNelson is the education centre at Fort Nelson which forms part of the Royal Armouries one of Britain’s oldest National Museums. We offer an education experience, geared at primary aged children, about the life of Florence Nightingale.  This offers a fast paced and interactive look at the life of Florence, her skills and organisation during the Crimean war and how this led to important changes in medical practice, helping to save a great many lives.  The hospital, dispensary and facilities, at Fort Nelson were designed to Florence’s specifications. In tribute, we have a purpose built hospital gallery with interactive examples of Scutari hospital beds (pre and post Florence), as well as an exploratory operating table, complete with authentic smells. 

Whilst on site the pupils are taught about the injuries the soldiers faced in a handling session. Pupils investigate authentic objects from the Crimean war, consider the changes Florence made by comparing the hospital beds and then meet Florence, with her lantern, down in our atmospheric underground magazine to listen to an extract from Florence’s diary  (I have attached a copy of our scheme of work for you to see).

Fort Nelson, Portsdown Hill Road,

Fareham, PO17 6AN

Tel:  01329 848507